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Tableau Desktop Specialist + Data Analyst Certification

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Tableau Desktop Specialist + Data Analyst Certification
Tableau Desktop Specialist + Data Analyst Certification
Published 12/2023
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All-in-One Guide to Pass the Tableau Desktop Specialist & Certified Data Analyst exams | 2 Full Practice Exams

What you'll learn

Master everything you need to Ace both the Desktop Specialist & Data Analyst Exams

Master all skills needed to become a Skilled Tableau Developer

Learn from an experienced and Certified Tableau Developer

Test your knowledge in quizzes and hands-on lectures

Build skills in Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep and Tableau Cloud

2 Full Practice Tests to test your readiness for the exam


Laptop with access to the internet & motivation to learn.

No experience needed, you will learn everything in this course.


Do you want to enhance your skills and learn everything required to pass both the Desktop Specialist and Data Analyst exam?In this course you will be guided through all subjects required to become a successful Tableau developer.Become a highly skilled Tableau developer capable of tackling any challenge!Why you should take this course:✓ Understand everything from scratch – step by step hands on lectures✓ Learn all fundamental and advanced features – understand best practices✓ Theory provided – clear explanations of all subjects✓ Practice everything hands on – quizzes and practice tests to solidify your knowledgeWhat is in this course?This course provides everything you need to become a Tableau professional!✓ Master all the fundamentals✓ Master also all the advanced topics✓ Learn the best practices hands-on✓ Apply what you've learned in a lot of & quizzes and practice tests✓ Personal support whenever you have questionsThis course is right for you if.. you have never worked with Tableau and want to learn how to master everything hands-on in just one course.. OR you already have some basic knowledge and want to dive deeper and become more advanced.This is the one course that covers everything you need to master Tableau.Enrol now to get lifelong access and become a professional Tableau developer!


Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 About the course

Lecture 3 About the exam

Lecture 4 Download The Slides

Section 2: Part 1 Module 1: Connecting To and Preparing Data

Lecture 5 Download Tableau Desktop

Lecture 6 Connect to Data Sources

Lecture 7 Live Connections Vs Extracts

Lecture 8 Create a Data Source With Multiple Connections

Lecture 9 Joins and Relationships

Lecture 10 Unions

Lecture 11 Rename a Field

Lecture 12 Aliases

Lecture 13 Assign a Geographical Role

Lecture 14 Change Data Types

Lecture 15 Change Default Properties

Lecture 16 Summary

Section 3: Part 1 Module 2: Exploring and Analysing Data

Lecture 17 Create a Bar Chart

Lecture 18 Create a Line Chart

Lecture 19 Create a Scatterplot

Lecture 20 Create a Map

Lecture 21 Create a Combined Axis Chart

Lecture 22 Create a Duel Axis Chart

Lecture 23 Create a Stacked Bar Chart

Lecture 24 Create a Density Map

Lecture 25 Create Groups

Lecture 26 Create Sets

Lecture 27 Hierarchies

Lecture 28 Filters

Lecture 29 Sorting

Lecture 30 Reference Lines

Lecture 31 Quick Table Calculations

Lecture 32 Bins and Histograms

Lecture 33 Calculated Fields

Lecture 34 Parameters

Lecture 35 Worksheet Totals

Lecture 36 Summary

Section 4: Part 1 Module 3: Sharing Insights

Lecture 37 Use Colour

Lecture 38 Configure Fonts

Lecture 39 Use Shapes

Lecture 40 Viz Animations

Lecture 41 Change Sizing of Marks

Lecture 42 Legends

Lecture 43 Add Worksheets To a Dashboard

Lecture 44 Interactive Dashboard Elements

Lecture 45 Dashboard Actions

Lecture 46 Device Specific Dashboards

Lecture 47 Stories

Lecture 48 Share a Workbook

Lecture 49 View and Export Underlying Data

Lecture 50 Summary

Section 5: Part 1 Module 4: Understanding Tableau Concepts

Lecture 51 Dimensions and Measures

Lecture 52 Discrete and Continuous

Lecture 53 Default Aggregation

Lecture 54 Summary

Section 6: Part 2 Module 1: Connect To and Transform Data

Lecture 55 Choose an Appropriate Data Source

Lecture 56 Choose Between Live Connections or Extracts

Lecture 57 Connect To .Hyper Files

Lecture 58 Connect To Relational Databases

Lecture 59 Custom SQL Queries

Lecture 60 Connect To Data On Tableau Cloud

Lecture 61 Replace a Data Source

Lecture 62 Assess Data Quality

Lecture 63 Perform Cleaning Operations

Lecture 64 Organise Data Into Folders

Lecture 65 Use Multiple Data Sources + Data Blending

Lecture 66 Data Interpreter

Lecture 67 Pivots

Lecture 68 Extract Filters

Lecture 69 Set Up Tableau Prep

Lecture 70 Prep: Unions

Lecture 71 Prep: Joins

Lecture 72 Prep: Aggregations

Lecture 73 Prep: Filters

Lecture 74 Prep: Pivots

Lecture 75 Using a Flow Output In Desktop

Lecture 76 Change Default Properties

Lecture 77 Choose When To Covert Between Discrete and Continuous

Lecture 78 Choose When To Convert Between Dimensions and Measures

Section 7: Part 2 Module 2: Exploring and Analysing Data

Lecture 79 Intro

Lecture 80 Date Functions

Lecture 81 String Functions

Lecture 82 Logical and Boolean Expressions

Lecture 83 Number Functions

Lecture 84 Type Conversion Functions

Lecture 85 Aggregate Functions

Lecture 86 LOD Calculations

Lecture 87 Quick Table Calculations

Lecture 88 Custom Table Calculations 1

Lecture 89 Custom Table Calculations 2

Lecture 90 Custom Table Calculations 3

Lecture 91 Apply Filters to Dimensions and Measures

Lecture 92 Context Filters + Filters on Multiple Sheets + Data Source Filters

Lecture 93 Parameters In Calculations, Filters and Reference Lines

Lecture 94 Sets

Lecture 95 Bins

Lecture 96 Hierarchies

Lecture 97 Groups

Lecture 98 Symbol Maps

Lecture 99 Heat/Density Maps

Lecture 100 Choropleth Maps (Filled Maps)

Lecture 101 Totals and Subtotals

Lecture 102 Reference Lines and Bands

Lecture 103 Average Lines

Lecture 104 Trend Lines

Lecture 105 Distribution Bands

Lecture 106 Forecasting

Lecture 107 Predictive Models

Section 8: Part 2 Module 3: Create Content

Lecture 108 Create More Charts

Lecture 109 Sorting

Lecture 110 Containers

Lecture 111 Dashboard Objects

Lecture 112 Stories

Lecture 113 Dashboard Filters

Lecture 114 Dashboard Actions

Lecture 115 Swap Sheets Using Parameters

Lecture 116 Navigation Buttons

Lecture 117 Menu Action

Lecture 118 Custom Shapes and Custom Colour Palettes

Lecture 119 Annotations

Lecture 120 Tooltips

Lecture 121 Padding

Lecture 122 Remove Gridlines, Row-Level + Column-Level Bands

Lecture 123 Device Specific Layouts

Section 9: Part 2 Module 4: Publish and Manage Content On Tableau Cloud

Lecture 124 Publish a Workbook

Lecture 125 Publish a Data Source

Lecture 126 Exporting and Printing

Lecture 127 Schedule Data Extract Refreshes

Lecture 128 Schedule a Prep Workflow

Lecture 129 Create Alerts

Lecture 130 Create Subscriptions

Section 10: Congratulations

Lecture 131 Congratulations!

Anyone looking to develop Tableau skills and/or gain the Desktop Specialist and/or Data Analyst certifications

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