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Posted by: mata00 on 24-09-2020, 16:37
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Download Seduction On Steroids - ShogunMethod with high speed

Seduction On Steroids - ShogunMethod

Seduction On Steroids - ShogunMethod
Derek Rake - Seduction On Steroids | 84 MB

The World’s One And Only
10-Step Attraction Roadmap
Revealed For The First Time, Ever

Here are the nuts and bolts of the system - what you’ll get when you invest in SeductionOnSteroids:
- The world’s first Attraction Roadmap, complete with a take-it-by-the-hand system for attracting a woman (or multiple women) from A to Z
- An evergreen system that works forever… and not some pathetic, one-trick-pony that lasts for 5 minutes before going down in flames
- It’s designed to benefit you for the long term… meaning that it’ll turn you into an attractive man quickly, and for the rest of your life. Once you learned these skills and apply them, you’ll be set for life
- It works for you whether you want to date multiple women… or just want to get that special someone in your life
- It will work for almost everyone… even if you are totally new to dating

A Powerful Combo Of Deadly Seduction Techniques…
Laid Out In An Easy-To-Follow 10-Step Roadmap
SeductionOnSteroids is about combining the best techniques across different seduction “schools” (psychology, inner game, direct and indirect game, routines, hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming) in a unique way.
The core of the program is the 10-Stage Attraction Roadmap, outlining the entire “seduction battlefield” from end to end:
- Stage 1: Prepare. The easy method of getting ready before you make that first “enlightened” contact with a woman.
- Stage 2: Assess. Also known as “calibrate”, this is one of the most overlooked step of effective seduction.
- Stage 3: Approach. This is where you make first contact. It covers: how to (and how not to) walk in, which target to pick and why, what words and phrases to open with.
- Stage 4: Attract. Immediately after the ‘Approach,’ you’ll need to start creating the initial sparks of attraction so that she will be drawn toward you.
- Stage 5: Qualify. The “secret sauce” of SeductionOnSteroids - which what makes the system superior than 99% of all other methods out there.
- Stage 6: Connect. This is the crucial stage where you will want to avoid coming across as a “friend”.
- Stage 7: Arouse. Once you have created connection, then you will need to create sexual arousal in her - both physically and emotionally.
- Stage 8: Disarm. Just because she’s aroused it doesn’t mean she will sleep with you! Discover the killer tactics to disarm her and eliminate her barriers to sex.
- Stage 9: Sex. How to transition smoothly into the bedroom.
- Stage 10: Close. The essential stage where most guys overlook - especially if you want to see her again. A must-know.

In short, we will provide you with all the techniques and tools for each of the stages, giving you a clear “attack plan” which you can use to attract any woman you meet, anywhere.


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Download Seduction On Steroids - ShogunMethod with high speed

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