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Microsoft Copilot v22405.508.1.0

Posted by: Kalpatru on 23-06-2024, 09:38
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Microsoft Copilot v22405.508.1.0

Microsoft Copilot v22405.508.1.0

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Microsoft Copilot is your everyday AI (artificial intelligence) companion that helps you to be smarter, more productive, more creative, and more connected to the people and things around you.

Microsoft Copilot is based on ChatGPT.

Whether you want to learn how to code, plan an Influencer level vacation, or just need a little help writing a hard e-mail, your everyday AI companion is there to help you get the job done like a pro. If you missed that meeting and need a quick recap or can't figure out the tax code for your new side hustle, Copilot is there to sprinkle some AI pixie dust on the problem. There when you need it, Copilot works smoothly, seamlessly, and securely across your Microsoft apps to elevate everything you do. Speed up tasks, get more personalized answers and useful information, or find new creative inspiration. And you can do it all by asking for what you want the way you naturally write and speak. It doesn't care if the task is big or small, it's just there to help you get the job done. Copilot empowers you to achieve anything you can imagine.

Discover information effortlessly with Copilot's ability to interpret natural language queries, delivering relevant results in context.
Engage with Copilot through text, voice, and visual inputs, enhancing your interaction with diverse communication methods.
Receive search results that are not only timely but also tailored to you, thanks to Copilot's understanding of your chat history.
Quickly grasp the essence of lengthy documents and web pages with Copilot's smart summarization capabilities.
Bring your ideas to life with stunning images created in mere minutes by Copilot's advanced AI.
Whether you're seeking inspiration or ready to execute your next big project, Copilot is here to transform your vision into reality.
Refine your queries and get sharper, more accurate responses as Copilot learns from each interaction.
Benefit from Copilot's web grounding feature, ensuring that the information you receive is grounded in the most current web content.

Requirements: Windows 10, Windows 11.

Release Notes

Changes inv22405.508.1.0: some improvements.


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