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XviD4PSP 8.1.73 (x64) Multilingual

Posted by: oaxino on 3-04-2024, 07:49
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XviD4PSP 8.1.73 (x64) Multilingual

XviD4PSP 8.1.73 (x64)  Multilingual

File size: 37 MB

Although video conversions are not on the daily agenda for most users, when that time does come it's essential to have a powerful software solution that's able to convert one format into another fast and easy without any compromise in terms of quality.

That's exactly what XviD4PSP was developed to achieve, but the most important thing is that it supports the most popular formats out there, including those used by PSP and iPhone devices.
Smart design
Even though it's supposed to do such a simple task as video converting, XviD4PSP is the kind of application that's aimed at both beginners and power users. To support this goal, the interface was designed to be pretty user friendly, so you won't have problems getting used to it.
Configuration settings
An interesting thing about XviD4PSP is that those with less experience can benefit from its great features by choosing only the formats they wish to work with and leave all the other settings unchanged and still get a great result.
More skilled users, on the other hand, can play with options a little bit, changing not only the video and the audio encoder settings, but also brightness and contrast, apply a sharpening effect or include subtitles in the final video.
Testings its capabilities
During our test, the conversion process took a while, but as this is generally the case with similar software, it all depends on the quality you want to have in the new video and the size of the source file as well.
Bottom line
To conclude, it's safe to say that XviD4PSP is the right tool if you wish to create videos for iPhones or PSPs without spending too much time with complex software solutions that require intricate configurations.
Whats New
On Windows systems, the priority of the program now changes immediately when changing the selection and when starting the program.
Fixed manual disabling of deinterlacing.
The preview player received a completely new engine with support for precise transition to a given frame.
An option to choose between fast and precise rewind has been added to the player's context menu.
Functions for jumping to a given frame have been added to the player's context menu.
Freezes when switching audio tracks in preview have been fixed.
External audio tracks are now also synchronized with video in the preview player.
Rewinding and working with filters no longer stops playback.
Improved logic for switching selected audio tracks from the preview player.
Fixed a crash when creating a chapter using the player preview button.
Fixed creation of videos from pictures.
Added caching of task pictures, slider, chapters and cropping.
The volume and interlace scanners have been completely rewritten to the cluster method - significantly faster scanning.
The keyframe scanner has been rewritten to a new engine and has more information fields.
B-frame, bitrate and frame rate scanners have been rewritten to a new engine.
In the settings you can now choose for which tasks to use hardware decoding - encoding, pictures, player, copying.
Overly aggressive cropping of black fields has been corrected.
Auto cropping of black fields on the current frame now checks all decoded frames in the buffer, and not just the current one.
Improved accuracy of scanning and encoding progress calculations.
Fixed subtitle rendering on macOS.
Implemented opening and playing subtitles without a video track.
Minor fixes.


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