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Download GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD 23 Build 4006 with high speed



File Size: 3.01 GiB (Total)
Languages: English
OS: Windows x64

ARCHICAD 23 enables architects to model faster and create accurate construction details and quantity estimations for reinforced concrete, complex steel, timber, and composite beams and columns. Complex columns, curved and haunched beams can now be modeled and documented to meet graphic and representation standards. Beams and columns can be displayed using various projected and symbolic views and cover fills.

New Features in ARCHICAD 23:

Voids, Niches and Recesses
ARCHICAD 23 introduces a new Opening tool dedicated to model and coordinate project design voids, recesses and niches - as horizontal, vertical or slanted openings across elements, element groups or even across stories. Such openings are important for project coordination as they are equally relevant for architects, engineers and consultants and must be documented by architects and by engineers. Openings can be modeled, scheduled, and documented using intuitive tools, and shared using open IFC standards.

One-click photo-realistic renderings with Twinmotion
ARCHICAD 23 allows architects to experience real-time rendering and photo-realistic visualization with the seamless workflow of the Twinmotion live connection. Thanks to Twinmotion's state-of-the-art rendering solution, creating real-time photo-realistic renderings is now extremely fast and easy, while real-time synchronization enables architects to edit the model and make design decisions on the fly. All qualifying ARCHICAD 23 license holders are entitled to Epic Games' upcoming enhanced version of Twinmotion, free of charge.

Renewed Solibri connection
ARCHICAD 23 enables seamless code- and constructability checking at any stage of the design. The updated add-on automatically detects and sends only those elements that are changed in the ARCHICAD model, resulting in faster round-trip collaboration.

Enhanced ARCHICAD 23 - dRofus 2.3 connection
ARCHICAD 23 allows architects to capture and organize client planning requirements and use these to validate and propose design alternatives. dRofus enables designers to collect and handle planning rules and design data with ease, even when working on large and complex projects, like hospitals, airports and universities. Thanks to the latest improvements, dRofus 2.3 fully supports ARCHICAD 23, and users can now import rooms from ARCHICAD into dRofus.

Rhino-Grasshopper-ARCHICAD live connection
The new Grasshopper Deconstruct Component can be used to extract ARCHICAD element surface data as a design reference. With the help of this function, changes to the core design scheme in BIM will automatically update all linked design details generated via design algorithms in Grasshopper.

Faster response times
ARCHICAD 23 puts a special emphasis on offering an uninterrupted flow starting from launching the software, accessing project data and navigating one's way through the Building Information Model. This is achieved through a combination of raw performance optimization, streamlined workflows and reduced file sizes.

Productivity Enhancements:
- User Interface Enhancements
- New CineRender Engine
- Attribute Management
- View Settings Update
- Text Label Pointer Lines Options
- Curtain Wall Enhancement


The Update 4006 contains various enhancements and fixes since the original release of ARCHICAD 23.
• 259707 BIMx/MODEL/DOCUMENT: Fit to skin option of building materials worked incorrectly on layouts in BIMx Hyper-models.
• ARCH-4236 CRASH: A Solid Element Operation with a Curtain Wall and a Morph sometimes crashed ARCHICAD.
• ARCH-3971 CRASH: A Solid Element Operation with a Mesh sometimes crashed ARCHICAD.
• 262165 CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed at start on macOS when the current username and system drive's name matched.
• 259577 CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed during publishing BIMx Hyper-model due to the size of the legacy information in the original BIMx format.
• ARCH-3500 CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed when entering the curtain wall editing mode if pick-up or inject were used prior to entering the edit mode.
• 268180 CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed when placing Drawings from a PLN file that was saved from a previous version.
• 261466 CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed when re-importing Expression Based Properties from XML.
• 267195 CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed when using "Split Stair Structure" command.
• 265453 CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed while browsing for a file to open if a template from an older version was the last opened template.
• 267656 CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed while canceling the creation of a stair that had a virtual trace that referenced a view with a different pen set than the current one.
• 267892 CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed while converting CalendarDate type properties in IFC.
• 260703 CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed while exporting to IFC curtain walls with frame width less than twice the connection depth.
• 253063 CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed while processing fills that earlier versions did not have a problem with.
• 267593 CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed while processing the mitering of walls where a profile did not have a single component.
• 248643 CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed with an incorrectly defined profile in an IFC file.
• ARCH-3529 CRASH: ARCHICAD incorrectly handled an internal error in stair creation and crashed.
• ARCH-3725 CRASH: ARCHICAD on macOS 10.14 sometimes crashed when a project was closed.
• ARCH-4775 CRASH: "Internal Add-on Error! Interactive Schedule Add-on Terminated" error message could appear when opening Component Schedule.
• ARCH-5957 CRASH: Excessively large bug reports sometimes were created.
• 259331 CRASH: Inconsistent values in the Calculation Unit settings caused a crash.
• ARCH-3870 CRASH: Migrated ARCHICAD 20 projects that contained custom Complex Profiles crashed ARCHICAD 22.
• 263103 CRASH: Touchbar option on macOS to update story crashed ARCHICAD.
• 260041 DOCUMENT / FREEZE: Calculation performance of Interactive Element Schedules degraded with the inclusion of railings in a project.
• ARCH-4251 DOCUMENT: Changes missed from the revision history.
• ARCH-4830 DOCUMENT: Complex profile column reduced zone area incorrectly.
• 263634 DOCUMENT: Detailed marker replication with copy/paste unexpectedly changed in ARCHICAD 22, which resulted in undesired results with modifications or deletions of the copied detail marker to the original detailed marker.
• ARCH-4658 DOCUMENT: Dimensions didn't change after switching between standards.
• ARCH-4383 DOCUMENT: Dimensions sometimes shifted in the layout book.
• 262590 DOCUMENT: Drawing order was incorrect for morphs converted from other kinds of elements.
• 266961 DOCUMENT: Elevation Dimension Texts had incorrect positions on layouts.
• ARCH-5872 DOCUMENT: End Surface of columns was called incorrectly "Oberfläche Seiten" in the German version.
• 258275 DOCUMENT: Expression values listed in schedules were not visible on layouts.
• 261234 DOCUMENT: Expressions' STRCALCUNIT function didn't handle the imperial units correctly.
• ARCH-4013 DOCUMENT: Font size of Flächenberechnung (area calculation) changed in an uncontrolled way.
• ARCH-4716 DOCUMENT: Graphic Override rules did not apply on Skin Separators using the Solid Line type.
• ARCH-3886 DOCUMENT: Length values of Flächenberechnung were controlled by the settings of the Calculation Unit of Area and not from the Length Unit Settings.
• ARCH-4368 DOCUMENT: Newly created Clone Folder(s) had all their settings as N/A.
• 260089 DOCUMENT: Reduction of zone area was not displayed in Wohnflächenberechnung.
• 267879 DOCUMENT: Sections and elevations were rotated on views opened from view map.
• 260303 DOCUMENT: Symbol fills containing multiple fills in its pattern were incorrectly displayed on screen.
• ARCH-4525 DOCUMENT: The published Fly-Through had double sized resolution on macOS.
• 254813 DOCUMENT: The schedule did not react in time to rapid edits of text resulting in the text being deleted.
• 259546 DOCUMENT: The transparent background fill pen was sometimes not applied on vectorial fills. The background fill stayed solid white.
• ARCH-4528 DOCUMENT: Transparency of images wasn't handled correctly in printing.
• ARCH-4833 DOCUMENT: When items had different masses in Schedule, it was not possible to combine them using Merged Uniform Items option.
• 88088 DOCUMENT: Zone areas were sometimes calculated incorrectly with complex profile walls.
• ARCH-3566 DOCUMENT/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed when viewpoints containing roofs were drag-and-dropped onto layouts.
• ARCH-3707 DOCUMENT/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed when viewpoints were drag-and-dropped onto layouts.
• 258857 ECO DESIGNER: EcoDesigner Star reported "missing or damaged component." A temporary workaround was to replace the ReportStrings.xml in the installation.
• 168194 EDIT / DOCUMENT: Display order between Wall and Morph was different on View and Layout.
• 267662 EDIT: Adjust command did not work with Polyline extension.
• ARCH-4064 EDIT: Column with bottom above floor plan cut plane did not display on floor plan with option "symbolic cut".
• 259772 EDIT: Cutting a zone by a roof happened at the wrong height.
• ARCH-4052 EDIT: Reset Custom Structures command did not work on hidden and custom stringers.
• 246838 EDIT: Roof ridge height was not editable if it was located more than 50 meters above its home story.
• 266750 EDIT: Save all current views did not work with Interior Elevations.
• 187943 EDIT: The intersect command could not be applied to polylines.
• ARCH-5577 EDIT: The snap tool didn't work correctly with a wall contour which has trace and reference on.
• 268254 EDIT: The split command didn't select elements.
• ARCH-4066 EDIT: Wrapped columns that touched a wall did not display on layout.
• 251970 EDIT/CRASH: ARCHICAD was not thread safe with image handling.
• ARCH-4315 FILE/BIMx/EXPORT: BIMx files could not be exported if the folder path was too long, or the number of paths were too many.
• ARCH-4211 FILE/DOCUMENT: The Linked Markers published to PDF did not work properly.
• 260315 FILE/DWG/CRASH: A DWG import sometimes created symbols that could crash ARCHICAD.
• ARCH-4091 FILE/DWG/EXPORT: AutoCAD identified DWGs exported from ARCHICAD to AutoCAD 2018 Drawing file format as being created with a student version, and marked the views with a plot stamp.
• 257845 FILE/DWG/EXPORT/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed because of a frozen DWG layer.
• 258979 FILE/DWG/EXPORT/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed on macOS while Publishing DWG drawings with fonts that had as themselves their own substitute.
• 258500 FILE/DWG/EXPORT/CRASH: ARCHICAD sometimes crashed while publishing DWG with Xref-s including frozen (hidden) layers.
• ARCH-4323 FILE/IFC/EXPORT: IfcSite could not be exported by itself.
• 266962 FILE/IFC/EXPORT/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed when collision detection process was called during IFC export.
• ARCH-4337 FILE/IFC/EXPORT/dаta: IfcWindowBaseQuantities had wrong Window Parameter values when Wall Reveal was applied.
• 256988 FILE/IFC/EXPORT/dаta: Not all of the Sub-elements of Railings got Material property upon IFC export.
• 267213 FILE/OPEN: Could not open projects with ARCHICAD 23 by double-clicking on the project in Windows file explorer.
• 268105 FILE/OPEN: Drawing manager links that did not include the protocol (afp/smb) blocked the opening of project with ARCHICAD 23 on macOS.
• ARCH-4777 FILE/Open: Project Browser could not open project files from some remote mountpoints on macOS.
• 260523 FILE/OPEN/CRASH: ARCHICAD crashed when opening a file from START Edition 2011 because Find and Select criteria were incorrectly converted during the file migration process.
• ARCH-4541 FILE/PDF/EXPORT: A layout published to PDF from ARCHICAD 23 had all text missing if the source was from an external drawing that originated from ARCHICAD 22.
• ARCH-4735 FILE/TXT/IMPORT: Unable to use Replace Attributes function using TXT file with Profiles.
• 252373 FILE/XLSX/EXPORT: Spreadsheets from schedules had the Preview Pictures hanging out of their cells.
• ARCH-4260 FREEZE: A search in the favorites palette became unresponsive if favorites used autotext.
• ARCH-4478 FREEZE: ARCHICAD 22 became unresponsive opening a DWG file including complex fills.
• 259471 FREEZE: ARCHICAD froze when switching display order.
• 264410 FREEZE: Uniclass Classification import in Teamwork caused software freeze.
• 247481 GDL/CRASH: Deleting a handrail with a corrupted Top Rail End element crashed ARCHICAD.
• 248763 HOTLINK: Hotlinked modules with nested modules made with ARCHICAD 21, could not be updated.
• ARCH-4485 HOTLINK/EDIT/MODEL: A complex profile in a hotlink module edited with Modifier will show the wrong dimension in the host file, after it has been edited in Profile Manager.
• 251816 HOTLINK/FREEZE: Railings sometimes caused a freeze in hotlinked files.
• ARCH-5017 MODEL / FREEZE: Project performance degradation occurred while using Trace&Reference and Organizer at the same time.
• 267622 MODEL: 3D Projection Settings could not be opened in Orbit mode.
• ARCH-4263 MODEL: Beam without fill didn't show holes.
• 267746 MODEL: Columns could not be exported to C4D when they were set to be "grouped by material".
• ARCH-3526 MODEL: Editing number of Risers or Riser Height of a Stair sometimes crashed ARCHICAD.
• ARCH-3937 MODEL: Flight-End "dx" value of Stair maximized the Flight-Start "dx" value on Floor Plan.
• 256187 MODEL: Home Story Offset reverted to zero after Box Stretching.
• ARCH-4343 MODEL: In section, the edges of intersecting slabs did not display even with the layer intersection group set to 0.
• ARCH-4492 MODEL: In the Profile Editor, Nominal Size couldn't be associated to hatch-vertex if there was a Hotspot on it.
• 267150 MODEL: Openings on curve Slanted Wall did not follow the Wall plane if the Reference Line was on the Inside Face.
• 263728 MODEL: Parameter transfer between curtain wall elements failed.
• 260054 MODEL: Railing position flipped upward when Model View Option was changed from "Full" to "Simplified".
• ARCH-5308 MODEL: Some migrated columns had different anchors points than the source ARCHICAD version from which they were migrated from.
• ARCH-3989 MODEL: Stretch command didn't work in the Russian version of ARCHICAD.
• ARCH-4495 MODEL: Tab-button did not have effect while associating nominal values in the Profile Editor.
• ARCH-4010 MODEL: Top Stempel could not be placed if all the Zones had a "New" Renovation value.
• ARCH-4671 MODEL: Unselected elements were invisible in 3D when Zones were set to be displayed.
• ARCH-4176 MODEL: Wall top couldn't be linked to story.
• 257252 MODEL/DOCUMENT: Curtain wall panels had wrongly overridden cut fills in section.
• ARCH-4668 MODEL/DOCUMENT: Pens were incorrectly overridden in sections and elevations.
• 260656 MODEL/EDIT: Changing IDs of curtain walls with the Element ID Manager modified their schemes.
• ARCH-4585 MODEL/FREEZE: Opening sections and elevations took long because of custom grid parameters.
• 246274 MODEL/FREEZE: Railings degraded project performance. The workaround was to convert them to morphs.
• 247925 OPEN/CRASH: ARCHICAD sometimes crashed as a result of opening multiple instances.
• 266844 PERFORMANCE: IFC import created compressed LCF files. Compression is no longer done by default, since project performance is better with non-compressed LCF libraries.
• 265417 TEAMWORK: A grapics override setting sometimes could prevent a project from being shared.
• 242019 TEAMWORK: A railing sometimes could be modified by a user who did not have it reserved causing a server conflict during send and receive.
• 261385 TEAMWORK: Modifying multiple railings sometimes caused Send & Receive issues.
• ARCH-4650 TEAMWORK: Recovery did not correctly handle non default locations of the Teamwork cache (TW DATA).
• 258989 TEAMWORK: The error dialog for failed library receive was improved to include library elements which had too long a pathname to be handled.
• ARCH-4166 TEAMWORK/USER INTERFACE/FREEZE: Panning and Zooming was slow with colored Teamwork workspace.
• 267161 USER INTERFACE: After Starter dialog disappeared, the EULA stayed in the background.
• ARCH-4661 USER INTERFACE: Custom Dimension Sets could not be deleted in ARCHICAD 23 JPN.
• 267586 USER INTERFACE: Headings in tool settings dialogs turned dark on macOS 10.14 in Dark Mode.
• 267361 USER INTERFACE: Text tool couldn't resize text box if offset was hidden.
• 259799 USER INTERFACE: The favorite palette sometimes interfered with object parameter modifications.
• 266189 USER INTERFACE: The OpenGL 3D window could turn grey when connecting to an Airplay screen.
• 260548 USER INTERFACE: Upon startup, Input Language on Windows switched to different layout.
• 266078 USER INTERFACE: Zoom and pan could jump back to a previous state.

Recommended System Requirements:
- Windows 10 (64-bit)
- Processor: 64-bit processor with four or more cores
- RAM: 16 GB or more is recommended; for complex, detailed models 32 GB or more may be required
- Hard disk: installing ARCHICAD on a SSD (or Fusion) drive is recommended; 5 GB free disk space is required for the installation, 10 GB or more is required per active project
- Graphics card: Dedicated OpenGL 3.3 compatible graphics card with on board memory of 1024 MB or more is recommended to fully exploit hardware acceleration capabilities.
- Display: A resolution of 1440 x 900 or higher is recommended






Download GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD 23 Build 4006 with high speed

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