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Fly-first love Yourself

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Fly-first love Yourself
Fly-first love yourself
Published 7/2024
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Based On A New Ground-Breaking Paradigm In Psychology And Neuroscience: Watch Your Anxiety And Unwanted Habits Melt Away

What you'll learn
Understand why you have habits and behaviours from a neuroscience perspective
Learn about a new paradigm in psychology that will simplify your experience in life
Develop an in-depth knowledge of yourself and human behaviour.
Find freedom from self-loathing
Find freedom from anxiety, depression, eating disorders or unwanted habits
Understanding where a peaceful mind comes from and how you can access this.
Breaking the cycles of anxiety and habits
Free yourself from expectations, guilt, and dissatisfaction

This is a programme for women.

Here's What's Waiting For You Inside FLY:
FLY is an 11-Day online self-study workbook program to transform your life from constant self-sabotage to freedom of anxiety, self-criticism, and unwanted habits. And don't worry, you don't need to finish the course in 11 days. It's a self-paced course. So take your time!
Here's how it works:
After you sign up you'll get one of eleven modules each day via email and access to an additional private members area.
In these emails you'll get PDFs that will walk you through my unique 3-step process that's specifically designed to free you from anxiety, excessive thinking, and habits:
STEP 1: The Keys To A Peaceful Mind (Day 1-3)
What You Really Want.
You'll receive 10 specific questions to help you guide through the process of getting clear on your intentions and what happiness really means to you. Most people know what makes them unhappy, but if you ask them what makes them happy, they usually struggle to find a clear answer. This exercise will prepare you for the rest of the program. Don't skip this important step!
Starting Your Day With Inner Peace
. Choose to see a situation with new eyes, and allow your focus to rest on what you do have, rather than what you do not. Training your brain to see the world differently can help you put events into perspective. Learn this scientifically proven way of how to develop the ability to maintain inner peace right after waking up each morning.
Identifying Your Driving Force
. If you're in control over what happens in your life you can steer it in whichever direction you choose. That, to me, is ultimate power. find out the real reason why you want to change in the first place and learn how to value yourself and your own worth.
STEP 2: Breaking The Cycles Of Anxiety & Habit (Day 4-6)
Identifying The Roots Of Your Insecurities
. To overcome insecurities, you first need to find out where they come from. You'll receive a
step-by-step process to get clear on your insecurities
and what triggers them. and how to diffuse them to not control your life anymore.
How To Change The Way You See Your Own Body
. How to really see your body as part of you – and be willing to show yourself completely unconditional love. This is what many women struggle with on a daily basis. Learn how you can finally look at yourself in the mirror. and smile.
How To Free Yourself From Expectations, Guilt, And Dissatisfaction.
We waste so much time, energy, and mental effort on not being ok where we are. No wonder we aren't motivated to come from a place of compassion. Discover the conditions you place on yourself, so you can finally move into a place of active love and acceptance.
STEP 3: Building The New And Confident You (Day 7-11)
Changing Your Inner (Critical) Voice.
A 5-step process to change how you interpret any given situation life throws at you. This gives you the power to enjoy a life full of possibility, instead of struggling with negative thinking all the time.
Create A 'Mind Plan'.
How to set up your environment and stop absorbing subliminal messages of lack, restriction, competition, and toxic goals – otherwise known as "
I'll be happy when
The Perfect "You"
. What kind of person would you become if you were stuck on an island by yourself for a month? Without any external influences? Learn how to stop changing your behaviour based on what other people think to be accepted, loved, or affirmed for someone you aren't.
Taking Control Over Your Urges
. Why your urges feel out of control and why it's not your fault. Discover how you can put an end to these never-ending battles inside your head and stop these urges from controlling your behaviours.
Putting Everything Together:
The ONE factor that needs to change before anything else can. Never again wander around through life, trying a million different ways to 'fix' yourself.
Who this course is for:
The FLY is there to show you that change is easier than you think it is - even if you have tried everything else
This course can be taken standalone or in conjunction with another Charli Wall training
This course is suitable for women regardless of age or ethnic background.
This course best suits women who want to deepen their understanding of their feminine selves.
This course is suited for women who have an interest in psychology and neuroscience
Students who secretly drink, take drugs, spend money or have eating disorders will find these programmes beneficial
These courses are beneficial to women who are dedicated to self-discovery and self-improvement
These courses are especially pertinent for women who do not feel good enough.

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