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B2B Selling Using Sales Map

Posted by: AD-TEAM on 15-04-2024, 23:57
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B2B Selling Using Sales Map

B2B Selling Using Sales Map
Published 4/2024
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Simple and practical ways to win sales and achieve targets

What you'll learn

Master the fundamentals of B2B Selling

Qualify, prospect and engage with targeted customers

Navigate through stakeholders

Overcome price objections


No sales experience needed


As you might have heard, salespeople across nearly every industry and country face a myriad of challenges that can hinder their success. The most common hurdles include the inability to generate a sufficient number of high-quality leads and prospects, difficulties in accurately qualifying suitable customers, struggles in effectively communicating to uncover hidden needs, challenges in navigating stakeholder relationships to secure the sale, and the inability to address price objections convincingly and close the deal successfully.These obstacles can significantly impede a salesperson's performance, leading to missed opportunities, stagnant revenue growth, and frustration. Attending traditional sales training programs can be costly and may not always provide the targeted solutions or deliver the desired outcomes, leaving salespeople feeling unfulfilled and lacking the necessary skills to excel in their roles.This comprehensive sales program has been meticulously designed to address all of the aforementioned challenges, empowering salespeople to emerge as champions in their field. The program's content is the result of extensive one-on-one coaching sessions with salespeople from diverse industries across multiple regions, ensuring that it addresses real-world scenarios and provides practical, actionable strategies.Participants who complete this program will not only gain valuable insights and techniques but will also receive a complimentary Sales Map assessment. This assessment is a powerful tool that helps identify individual strengths and weaknesses in B2B sales, providing a personalized roadmap for further development and growth.By attending this program, salespeople will gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to overcome the common challenges they face, enabling them to generate more high-quality leads, effectively qualify and communicate with customers, navigate stakeholder relationships with ease, and confidently address price objections to close more deals successfully.Don't miss this opportunity to invest in your professional development and unlock your full potential as a sales professional. Sign up today and take the first step towards becoming a sales champion.


Section 1: Overview- B2B Selling Using Sales Map

Lecture 1 Overview- B2B Selling Using Sales Map

Lecture 2 Characteristics of B2B Selling

Lecture 3 The Value Proposition Canvas

Lecture 4 The 4 Phases of B2B Selling

Section 2: Phase 1: When I'm Prospecting or Preparing

Lecture 5 When I'm Prospecting or Preparing

Lecture 6 Qualifying the Right Customers

Section 3: Phase 2: When I'm Engaging with Customers

Lecture 7 When I'm Engaging with Customers

Lecture 8 How to Quantify Value

Lecture 9 Price vs. Costs

Lecture 10 Questioning Skills

Section 4: Phase 3: When I'm Following Through

Lecture 11 When I'm Following Through

Lecture 12 Why Contact More than 1 Person?

Lecture 13 Navigating through Your Stakeholders

Section 5: Phase 4: When I'm Negotiating with Customers

Lecture 14 When I'm Negotiating with Customers

Lecture 15 Handling Objections

Section 6: Reflections and Action Planning

Lecture 16 Reflections and Action Planning

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