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Color Harmony And Perception In The Digital Age

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Color Harmony And Perception In The Digital Age

Color Harmony And Perception In The Digital Age
Published 3/2024
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Color Science for Photographers and Filmmakers: Elevate Your Creative Vision and Transform Your Color Grading Workflow

What you'll learn

Learn how to effectively use saturation and contrast to enhance color in your images.

Master color harmony principles to create visually appealing and balanced compositions.

Develop artistic expression through intentional color choices and unique lighting.

Understand the fundamentals of color perception, including lightness, hue, and saturation

Navigate the challenges of digital color workflows and apply color science principles to achieve an impactful use of color.


A basic understanding of the student preferred image editing application is recommended.

As long as the editing application of choice has an RGB curves tool, the student will be able to follow along and apply the techniques taught in this class.


Are you a photographer, videographer, or a creative looking to master color and create visuals that captivate your audience? This course will transform your approach to color in any digital workflow, empowering you to express your artistic vision with more intention. Hello, I'm Robert, a photographer and filmmaker with a deep fascination for human expression. Over the years, I've explored the intricacies of color, and I'm excited to share the insights that revolutionized my understanding of visual harmony and perception.In today's digital age, the world of photography and video offers endless possibilities. While color science may seem intimidating, it doesn't have to be. In this class, I will help you explore concepts that have been utilized by master artists throughout history in various forms of media, such as analog photography and painting, to produce timeless works of art. By drawing inspiration from these principles and incorporating them into your work, your images will shine with a whole new light. If you apply what you learn, your approach to color will never be the same.YOU WILL LEARN:The essentials of lightness, hue, and saturation.How to manipulate saturation and contrast strategically to achieve intensity, detail, and variation of tones.Visual and color harmony techniques for creating cohesive color schemes and palettes with digital tools.Ways to embrace artistic expression and break away from traditional color norms.I have personally used the principles I will be teaching you in wedding photography, street photography, documentary filmmaking, short films, commercial video production, and digital content creation. Whether you want to achieve a cinematic color grade or simply ensure your photos and videos look their best, mastering color is essential. Regardless of who you are, or your level of expertise, this class will provide you with knowledge and skills that will elevate your work and will help you captivate your audience.BY THE END OF THIS CLASS, YOU WILL:Have the confidence and skills to create images and videos that stand out from the crowd.Understand color perception and how to use it to your advantage.Know the rules and when to break them in the color grading or color correction process to develop an artistic voice and achieve a unique style.Craft harmonious color schemes that evoke emotion and tell a story.Leverage digital tools to enhance and manipulate color for maximum impact.Make bold, expressive color choices in your projects.Learning to master color doesn't have to be complicated. With the right guidance and a willingness to experiment, you can unlock a world of creative possibilities make your work more engaging. Don't miss this chance to improve your color editing skills.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Overview & Project Idea

Section 2: Learn Color Harmony and Perception

Lecture 2 Basics of Color Perception

Lecture 3 Enhancing Colors with Saturation & Contrast

Lecture 4 Color Harmony Principles

Lecture 5 Artistic Expression with Color

Lecture 6 Challenges in Digital Color Workflows

Lecture 7 Perception & Context

Section 3: Additional Content

Lecture 8 Bonus - Closing and Additional Resources

Photographers and videographers looking to enhance their color grading skills.,Artists and creatives seeking to expand their understanding of color theory and its application in visual media.

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