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Business Data Analytics Preparation (Iiba-Cbda) (2024) + Exams

Posted by: AD-TEAM on 4-04-2024, 00:19
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Business Data Analytics Preparation (Iiba-Cbda) (2024) + Exams

Business Data Analytics Preparation (Iiba-Cbda) 2024 + Exams
Published 4/2024
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Business Data Analytics Certification Preparation (IIBA®-CBDA Exam) + Mind maps + 7 Exam Simulations [Update:April 2024]

What you'll learn

Comprehensive Understanding of Business Data Analytics Domains

Practical Application and Hands-on Skills Usefull to Pass the CBDA Certification of the IIBA

Effective Application of Business Data Analytics Concepts

Strong Analytical and Critical Thinking for Business Success


No previous technical or business knowledge is required


Business Data Analytics Certification Preparation (IIBA®-CBDA Exam) + Mind maps + 7 Exam Simulations [Update: April 2024]Unlock the power of Business Data Analytics with our comprehensive course designed for both beginners and professionals alike. Whether you're aiming to ace the CBDA Certification by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) or simply looking to enhance your analytical skills for a competitive edge in the business world, this course is tailored for you.What Sets This Course Apart?This course isn't just another tutorial series; it's an immersive journey based on the 'Guide to Business Data Analytics,' the official guide of the IIBA. Recognizing a gap in existing online materials, we've infused this course with fresh insights, offering you a comprehensive and up-to-date curriculum tailored for the CBDA Certification.Course Structure Based on 6 Domains:The course is structured to mirror the exact domains that will be covered in the CBDA Certification exam:Identify the Research QuestionsSource DataAnalyze DataInterpret and Report ResultsUse Results to Influence Business Decision-MakingGuide Organizational-Level Strategy for Business Data AnalyticsWhy Choose This Course?Designed for Busy Lifestyles: We understand the demands of modern life. That's why each lesson is crafted to fit seamlessly into your daily routine. Instead of lengthy lectures, expect concise, digestible lessons that respect your time.Mind Map Methodology: Say goodbye to conventional PowerPoint slides. Each lesson is centered around a mind map, a powerful tool for studying and comprehension. By using mind maps for presentation, students are encouraged to supplement what they see with personal notes, enhancing retention and understanding. The primary goal of mind maps is to aid effective recall post-study, making them invaluable for your learning journey.Repetitive Learning for Mastery: Some concepts will be revisited multiple times throughout the course, each time from a different perspective. This deliberate repetition ensures that by the end of the course, all essential topics are crystal clear, reinforcing your understanding and mastery of business data analytics.Success Guaranteed: While this course provides a robust foundation, success in the CBDA Certification requires dedication and additional study. With our structured approach and your commitment, we're confident in your potential to excel.Course Highlights:In-depth exploration of business data analytics concepts.Practical applications and real-world case studies.Accessible lessons that cater to all learning styles.Interactive mind maps for enhanced comprehension and retention.Guidance on supplementary materials for comprehensive preparation.7 Exam simulations to help you prepare for the CBDA Certification.Start your business data analytics journey with confidence. Enroll today and take the first step towards mastering this invaluable skill set. Whether you're aiming for certification or seeking to broaden your analytical horizons, we're here to support and guide you every step of the way. Join us and redefine your understanding of business data analytics!


Section 1: Introduction to the course

Lecture 1 Introduction to the course

Section 2: Introduction to Business Data Analytics

Lecture 2 Introduction

Lecture 3 What is Business Data Analytics

Lecture 4 Business Data Analytics Perspectives

Lecture 5 The Business Data Analytics Cycle

Lecture 6 Business Data Analytics Objective

Lecture 7 Business Analysis and Business Data Analytics

Lecture 8 Business Data Analytics Domains and Tasks

Section 3: Identify the Research Questions

Lecture 9 Intro to Identify the Research Questions

Lecture 10 Define Business Problem or Opportunity

Lecture 11 Identify and Understand the Stakeholders

Lecture 12 Assess Current State

Lecture 13 Example Assess Current State

Lecture 14 Define Future State

Lecture 15 Example Define Future State

Lecture 16 Formulate Research Questions

Lecture 17 Plan Business Data Analytics Approach

Lecture 18 Select Techniques for Identify the Research Questions

Lecture 19 Case Study for Identify the Research Questions

Section 4: Source Data

Lecture 20 Intro to Source Data

Lecture 21 Plan Data Collection

Lecture 22 Determine the Data Sets

Lecture 23 Collect Data

Lecture 24 Validate Data

Lecture 25 Select Techniques for Source Data

Lecture 26 Case Study for Source Data

Section 5: Analyze Data

Lecture 27 Intro to Analyze Data

Lecture 28 Develop Data Analysis Plan

Lecture 29 Prepare Data

Lecture 30 Explore Data

Lecture 31 Example Explore Data

Lecture 32 Perform Data Analysis

Lecture 33 Assess the Analytics and System Approach Taken

Lecture 34 Example Asses the Analytics and System Approach Taken

Lecture 35 Select Techniques for Analyze Data

Lecture 36 Case Study for Analyze Data

Section 6: Interpret and Report Results

Lecture 37 Intro to Interpret and Report Results

Lecture 38 Validate Understanding of Stakeholders

Lecture 39 Plan Stakeholder Communication

Lecture 40 Determine Communication Needs of Stakeholders

Lecture 41 Derive Insights from Data

Lecture 42 Document and Communicate Findings from Completed Analysis

Lecture 43 Select Techniques for Interpret and Reporting Results

Lecture 44 Case Study for Interpret and Report Results

Section 7: Use Results to Influence Business Decision-Making

Lecture 45 Intro to Use Results to Influence Business Decision-Making

Lecture 46 Recommend Actions

Lecture 47 Example of Integrating Predictive Analytics Results to Business Workflow

Lecture 48 Develop Implementation Plan and Manage Change

Lecture 49 Select Techniques for Use Results to Influence Business Decision Making

Lecture 50 Case Study for Use Results to Influence Business Decision-Making

Section 8: Guide Organizational-Level Strategy

Lecture 51 Intro to Guide Organizational-Level Strategy

Lecture 52 Organizational Strategy

Lecture 53 Talent Strategy

Lecture 54 Data Strategy

Lecture 55 Select Techniques for Guide Organizational-Level Strategy

Lecture 56 Underlying Competencies for Guide Organizational-Level Strategy

Lecture 57 Case Study for Guide Organization-Level Strategy

Section 9: Exams

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