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Resolve Conflict By Managing Your Emotions

Posted by: voska89 on 3-04-2024, 15:03
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Resolve Conflict By Managing Your Emotions
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Published 4/2024
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Building Relationships | Conflict Management | Emotional Intelligence | Communication | Transformation | Influencing

What you'll learn
Learn strategies to calm yourself and regulate your emotions during conflict
Gain greater understanding and control of your emotions
Challenge harmful distortions in your thinking that cause you to escalate during conflict
Learn an "empowerment model" to understand how to change your thoughts, feelings, and actions during conflict
Prevent conflicts from escalating
Learn a four-step process of dealing with anger
Grow in awareness and emotional intelligence
Respond to conflicts from a quiet and empowered place inside
Improve your relationships at home and on the job
A willingness to learn a new way of thinking
A desire to reprogram how you handle conflict
A desire to grow in self-awareness and emotional intelligence
Hi my friend and a big welcome to this course on resolving conflict by managing your emotions. I'm pleased to say that most of my courses are highly rated and best sellers in their respective categories on Udemy. That's because I have many years of professional experience and I care about quality and thoroughly research to understand a topic before I create a course. Plus, I really care about you my students. I want you to have the best experience possible as you go through my courses. That said, let me introduce my masterclass on managing conflict by managing your emotions.Conflict is InevitableI want to begin by saying that conflict is an inevitable part of life. We know this. We come from different backgrounds, have distinct personalities, needs, values, perspectives, roles, goals and priorities, all of which set us up to experience disagreements if not outright conflict. So, the question is not whether or not we'll experience conflict in our homes, communities or jobs. The question is how we'll handle it. What Determines How We Manage Conflict?And here's the premise of this course. The biggest factor that determines how well we handle conflict are our own emotional reactions. Conflict, by its very nature, triggers our emotions. Sometimes big emotions. Once triggered, it's easy to act in ways that make things worse rather than better. Some people, in the middle of conflict, go into an aggressive and fight mode, others run emotionally and resort to silence or appeasement, and still others distract and avoid. These tendencies are common and yet make conflict worse in the long run.Purpose of the CourseSo the purpose of this course is to give you the awareness and tools to calm and empower yourself so you can respond to conflict and difficult situations in positive and healthy ways. Let me be clear that my purpose in this course is not to teach you the steps of conflict resolution. I do that in my best-selling course entitled Become a Master at Conflict Management at Home or Work. Instead, I'm giving you strategies to manage your emotions so that you're able to respond rather than react to those triggering situations. As you use these strategies, you've won the most important battle. You are now coming from a calm and empowered place and can enter into conversations in a way that allows you to talk things through or get to resolution.Take Aways:By going through the course, you can expect to:Know how to calm yourself and regulate your emotions during conflictChallenge harmful distortions in your thinking that cause you to escalate during conflictGain greater understanding and control of your emotionsLearn an "empowerment model" to understand how to change your thoughts, feelings, and actions during conflictPrevent conflicts from escalatingLearn a four-step process of dealing with angerGrow in awareness and emotional intelligenceRespond to conflicts from a quiet and empowered place insideImprove your relationships at home or on the job Practical ToolsI want to mention that the course includes lots of extras in the form of handouts and worksheets as well as exercises to deepen your learning and make it more real. I'm giving you all of the course handouts in a single PDF that you can download, if you like, at the start of the class. I'm also making the course available as an audio file which you can also access with this lesson. By downloading it you can listen to the course on the go, instead of being on your device or computer. Who Am I?My name is Roger K. Allen. I'm a psychologist, author, executive coach and business consultant with many years of helping people build positive and healthy relationships. I've helped hundreds of couples, business partners, executives, department managers and employees work through difficult conflicts to create healthy and harmonious relationships. And I've taught many of these methods to other trainers and consultants throughout the world. In fact, I've certified over 1500 independent consultants from around the world to use leadership, personal and team development programs I've created. Won't you join me in learning how to build stronger and better relationships?
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Course overview
Lecture 2 Tips to get the most from the course
Lecture 3 Mike Blows His Future
Section 2: Strategies for Managing Your Emotions
Lecture 4 Key Moments-What are Your Triggers?
Lecture 5 The Empowerment Model
Lecture 6 Lisa's Initiative--A Case Study
Lecture 7 Moment of Choice
Lecture 8 Three Prerequisites for Handling Key Moments
Lecture 9 MIndfulness as a self-regulation Strategy
Lecture 10 More Strategies in Emotional Self-Regulation
Lecture 11 Managing Anger
Lecture 12 Challenging Your Automatic Thoughts
Lecture 13 Stop Look Listen Choose
Lecture 14 Don't Expect Perfection
Lecture 15 Conclusion
Lecture 16 Bonus Lecture
People who are experiencing conflict at home or on the job,Anyone who wants to improve how they handle conflict,Leaders who want to create emotional safety,People who want to grow in self-awareness and emotional intelligence


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