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Alibaba Cloud: From Zero To Hero - The Complete Guide

Posted by: AD-TEAM on 3-04-2024, 03:40
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Alibaba Cloud: From Zero To Hero - The Complete Guide

Alibaba Cloud: From Zero To Hero - The Complete Guide
Published 4/2024
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Become an Alibaba Cloud Expert! Learn to design and build modern cloud a certified Alibaba Cloud Architect

What you'll learn

This course covers fundamental concepts of cloud computing and is designed for absolute beginners

Gain an understanding of the fundamental systems on which the cloud is based, including storage, networking, and compute

Build knowledge from beginner level to advanced concepts

Get familiar with the core Alibaba Cloud products

Develop hands-on skills using core Alibaba Cloud services


Absolutely no prior experience necessary

This course is designed for individuals who are new to Alibaba Cloud


Embark on an extraordinary journey to mastery with "Alibaba Cloud: From Zero to Hero - The Complete Guide"! Whether you're a beginner or an experienced cloud enthusiast, this course is your passport to becoming an Alibaba Cloud expert.With over 6 hours of in-depth content, this course covers every facet of Alibaba Cloud, from essential services like Elastic Compute Service (ECS), Object Storage Service (OSS), Resource Access Management (RAM), and Relational Database Service (RDS) to advanced topics like security, big data, AI, machine learning, and migration services.Here's what you'll learn:Mastering Alibaba Cloud ECS for scalable and reliable computingOptimizing database management with RDSImplementing robust security measures with Alibaba Cloud Security CenterUtilizing big data services for advanced analytics and insightsStreamlining cloud migration with Alibaba Cloud Migration ToolsTaught by Pablo Puig, an Alibaba Cloud MVP and seasoned cloud expert, this course offers a unique blend of theory and hands-on practice, ensuring you gain practical skills that you can apply in real-world scenarios.Whether you're looking to enhance your cloud computing skills or advance your career in the cloud industry, "Alibaba Cloud: From Zero to Hero - The Complete Guide" is your roadmap to success. Enroll now and unlock the full potential of Alibaba Cloud!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 About the Course

Lecture 2 Introduction to Alibaba Cloud

Lecture 3 Demo: Creating a Free Tier Account

Lecture 4 Demo: Deleting an Alibaba Cloud Account

Lecture 5 Demo: Free Tier Services

Lecture 6 Demo: Aliyun CLI - Installation and Configuration

Lecture 7 Whitepaper: Guide for AWS Professionals

Lecture 8 Whitepaper: Guide for Azure Professionals

Lecture 9 Whitepaper: Guide for GCP Professionals

Section 2: Cloud Fundamentals

Lecture 10 Cloud Service Models

Lecture 11 Public vs. Private vs. Hybrid Cloud

Lecture 12 Global Infrastructure

Lecture 13 Demo: Alibaba Cloud's Global Infrastructure

Lecture 14 Security & Compliance in the Cloud

Lecture 15 Whitepaper: Alibaba Cloud Well-Architected Framework

Section 3: Compute Services

Lecture 16 What is Elastic Compute Service (ECS)?

Lecture 17 ECS Instances

Lecture 18 ECS Cloud Disks

Lecture 19 Common Scenarios

Lecture 20 Demo: How to create an ECS instance

Section 4: Load Balancing Services

Lecture 21 What is Server Load Balancer (SLB)?

Lecture 22 SLB Components

Lecture 23 Disaster Recovery

Lecture 24 Common Scenarios

Section 5: Scaling Services

Lecture 25 What is Auto Scaling?

Lecture 26 Auto Scaling Components

Lecture 27 Common Scenarios

Section 6: Container Services

Lecture 28 What is Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)?

Lecture 29 ACK Types

Lecture 30 ACK Architecture & Components

Lecture 31 Common Scenarios

Lecture 32 Container Registry (ACR)

Lecture 33 Elastic Container Instance (ECI)

Section 7: Networking Services

Lecture 34 What is Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)?

Lecture 35 VPC Connections

Lecture 36 Demo: How to create a VPC

Lecture 37 VPC Security

Lecture 38 Demo: How to create a Security Group

Lecture 39 Common Scenarios

Lecture 40 Whitepaper: Alibaba Cloud Networking

Section 8: Database Services

Lecture 41 What is Relational Database Service (RDS)?

Lecture 42 RDS Features

Lecture 43 RDS Security & Monitoring

Lecture 44 Common Scenarios

Section 9: Storage Services

Lecture 45 What is Object Storage Service (OSS)?

Lecture 46 OSS Image Service (IMG)

Lecture 47 Demo: Image Service (IMG)

Lecture 48 OSS Website Hosting

Lecture 49 Demo: Hosting a static website in OSS

Lecture 50 OSS Security

Lecture 51 Common Scenarios

Section 10: Content Delivery Services

Lecture 52 What is Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

Lecture 53 Common Scenarios

Section 11: Security, Monitoring & Logging Services

Lecture 54 Security Services

Lecture 55 CloudMonitor

Lecture 56 Log Service

Lecture 57 Whitepaper: Alibaba Cloud Security

Anyone keen to learn about cloud computing,Anyone interested in understanding Alibaba Cloud,Professionals keen to explore Alibaba Cloud services

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