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Mastering Real-Time Animation In Unreal Engine: Mocap Vs Key

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Mastering Real-Time Animation In Unreal Engine: Mocap Vs Key

Mastering Real-Time Animation In Unreal Engine: Mocap Vs Key

Published 12/2023
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Unreal Engine Certified instructor guids you on a live with step-by-step on perfomance capture techniques and tips

What you'll learn
Motion Capture Mastery: Discover the art of motion capture using the latest markerless technology with devices as accessible as an iPhone apps
Mocap Suit Proficiency: Gain hands-on experience with Rokoko mocap suits, understanding how to capture intricate movements that breathe life digital characters
Indie Virtual Production: Equip yourself with practical tips and techniques tailored for indie filmmakers. Overcome budget constraints using UE5 & Blender
Resource Library: Access a curated collection of resources, including custom course mocap and case studies with live labs on successful virtual productions

This course is perfect for corporate teams or individuals in the entertainment sector, indie filmmakers, animators, game developers, and any business looking to expand into virtual production.

Mastering Real-Time Animation in Unreal Engine: Learn with Professional Studio Mocap SessionsMastering Real-Time Animation in Unreal Engine: Learn with Professional Studio Mocap SessionsCourse Description:Dive into the dynamic world of real-time animation with our comprehensive Udemy course, specifically designed to leverage the power of Unreal Engine's cutting-edge virtual production capabilities. This course is a transformative opportunity for aspiring animators, filmmakers, visual effects artists, and game developers eager to master the art of real-time animation using world-class motion capture systems.What am I getting into?Professional Studio Mocap Sessions: Get hands-on training with actual footage from professional studio motion capture sessions. Learn to animate with high-fidelity data captured from industry-leading systems like OptiTrack, Vicon, and Rokoko suits. Includes access to Unreal Project files!Metahuman Animator: Develop your character animation skills using advanced MetaHuman Animator captures, with exclusive actress performance captures for hands-on experience.Markerless Motion Capture with Move ai: Delve into innovative animation with markerless motion capture technology, integrating Move and Rokoko video into your workflow for greater flexibility.Real-World Examples: Gain practical experience with examples that mirror industry demands, including using Control Rig in Unreal Engine for blending and cleaning up animations.Comprehensive Curriculum: From basic principles to advanced techniques, our curriculum ensures a thorough understanding of real-time animation in Unreal Engine.Budget-Friendly Learning Experience: Discover cost-effective markerless captures and Rokoko mocap suits, ideal for those working within a budget.Who is this course for?Aspiring and professional animatorsVisual effects artistsFilmmakers and content creatorsGame developersAnyone interested in animation and virtual productionCourse Requirements:Software: Unreal Engine (latest version). Download free from Unreal Engine Official Website. Additional Materials: A PC or laptop with minimum system requirements for running Unreal Engine, including a suitable graphics card.Skill Level: Intermediate knowledge in 3D animation or game development is recommended.Mindset: Be ready to experiment and embrace the evolving world of virtual production and real-time animation.What will you achieve?Mastery of real-time animation techniques in Unreal Engine working in realtimeAbility to work with professional mocap data out of the box from this course!Skills in animating MetaHumans using markerless mocap technology vs inertia suits vs optical Insights into professional virtual production workflow based on industry standards.Scripted (how to') mixed with Non scripted course content - this is as live as it gets on a mocap studio set and you get not only to watch the actors and directors work but actually practice on the same assets and animations!You will create a strong portfolio showcasing real-world examples and learn tips that will make you will render the scenes out as you go! The course is supported by Bartosz Barlowski an Official Unreal Engine Instructor to guarantee best workflows. Remember If you do not have the space or budget to own a mocap studio / suit this course is a great starter pack. You can even use our high quality mocap in your own project to learn step-by-step!Enroll now and embark on your journey to becoming a real-time animation expert with industry-relevant skills!What Will you do here:Mastering Unreal Engine for Animation: Gain comprehensive skills in utilizing Unreal Engine for creating real-time animations, focusing on both technical and creative aspects.Exploring Motion Capture Technology: Learn the fundamentals and advanced techniques of motion capture (mocap) technology, including face live link and markerless motion capture.Animating Realistic Characters: Develop the ability to animate realistic human characters, with a special focus on acting and skateboarding movements.Virtual Production Techniques: Understand and apply virtual production techniques in animation, enhancing the quality and efficiency of your projects.Using Metahuman Animator: Acquire hands-on experience with Metahuman Animator, learning to develop high-fidelity character animations.Budget-Friendly Animation Solutions: Discover cost-effective methods and tools for animation, making high-quality animation accessible on a budget.Practical Application of Mocap: Apply mocap technology in real-world scenarios, learning to integrate motion capture data into your animation projects effectively.Clean-Up Strategies for Animation: Master the techniques for cleaning up and refining animations, ensuring a polished and professional end product.Interactive Learning Experience: Engage in an interactive learning environment, enhancing understanding through practical examples and live demonstrations.Networking and Collaboration Opportunities: Connect with fellow animators, visual effects artists, and game developers, fostering a community of learning and collaboration.Join me and Emanuelle Bains to explore Real-Time Animation in Unreal Engine: "Acting & Skateboarding in mocap". Experimental 3D way and I'm SUPER excited to share this today. Shot 100% live with live audience. Interested in virtualproduction using digital characters? We cover tools like UE5 and many more like Blender showing real world examples. Like to use cool hardware? The course covers how a 6-axis space mouse mice and keyboard ecosystem in Unreal helps A LOT to work with virtual cameras or hasztag#realtime animation.What am I getting into and why?You can see how performance capture works on different tier levels. You also learn that you can put your own twist on the content thanks to the provided mocap and source files + brief instruction + hands-on training with actual data from a professional studio motion capture sessions + video reference. After exploring the high end you learn the indie way of mocap using apps like Move AI or dual cam setups. Clean-up is needed no matter how amazing the technolog so providing the high-fidelity data captured from industry-leading systems like OptiTrack and Rokoko you see what suits best for your animation needs and most important - you get to play with along the course! Classes include Unreal Project files to delve into.Metahuman Animator: Tips and tricks to get the best performance data -Develop your character animation skills using advanced Metahuman Animator captures, with exclusive actress performance captures for hands-on experience. iClone8 connection with Unreal working with metahumans.Delve into innovative animation with motion capture technology with just a iPhone in Real-World Examples: Next, work fully in unreal using Control Rig in Unreal Engine for clean-up strategies , additive blending for cleaning up animations. Budget-Friendly Learning Experience: Discover cost-effective solutions I cover, ideal for those working within a budget.Why did you create this course?I saw a void in online courses not filled which is material based on high quality assets with experise instruction led. Finally, is this for me? For Who is this intended?Aspiring and professional animatorsVisual effects artistsFilmmakers and content creatorsGame developersAnyone interested in animation and virtual productionThats not all this coursse i packed with extras! Enhanced Focus on IK Rig and Animation Retargeting (Unreal 5.3 Project files included):IK Rig Animation: Incorporate an in-depth module on Unreal Engine's IK (Inverse Kinematics) Rig system. This will cover how to create and manipulate IK rigs for dynamic character movements and animations. This includes practical sessions on setting up IK chains, solving common IK problems, and applying IK to enhance the realism of character movements.Animation Retargeting: Explore the advanced techniques of animation retargeting in Unreal Engine. This involves adapting animations from one character model to another, ensuring a wide range of motion capture data can be utilized across different character forms. The course will provide hands-on experience in retargeting animations, including adjusting skeletal meshes and ensuring seamless motion transfer between different character rigs.These more advanced topics will be woven into the existing course structure, with source files, ready .uasset files enhancing the comprehensive curriculum with additional practical examples and exercises. By understanding IK Rig and Animation Retargeting, students will be able to take their animation skills to the next level, ensuring adaptability and proficiency in handling various animation challenges in Unreal Engine.

Section 1: Wstęp

Lecture 1 Warmup training session by Manu Bains

Lecture 2 Motion Capture Direction and performance capture session live by Manu Bains

Lecture 3 Introduction to Mopcap

Section 2: Characters in Unreal Engine 5

Lecture 4 Sample Mocap animations & Course Materials Download (90 minutes)

Lecture 5 Skateboarding in Motion Capture in Take recorder with vCam

Lecture 6 Capture session Video Reference

Section 3: Introduction to Unreal Engine animation keyframes vs mocap

Lecture 7 Course Materials

This course is perfect for corporate teams in the entertainment sector, indie filmmakers, animators, game developers, and any business looking to expand into virtual production.,Outcome: Upon completion, your team will not only be proficient in using motion capture technology but will also possess the innovative mindset required to implement virtual production techniques effectively in various projects, giving your company a competitive edge in the market.



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