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Mastering Go From Basics To Advanced Real–World Application

Posted by: voska89 on 29-11-2023, 07:18
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Mastering Go From Basics To Advanced Real–World Application
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Published 11/2023
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Developing Efficient Go Applications, Mastering Web Scraping, API Design, and Concurrency with Go

What you'll learn
Start with the fundamentals of Go and progress to mastering advanced concepts.
Learn to build programs that can handle massive concurrency.
Gain expertise in managing HTTP servers and routing with the Gorilla Mux router.
Explore the world of web scraping with Go and How to set up advanced scrapers.
Dive into managing MySQL Database Integration and ORM with Golang.
Get hands-on experience crafting efficient data models and structures.
Learn the art of constructing RESTful APIs using the Gin framework.
Master the complexities of CORS in API development.
Dive into creating robust CRUD applications that focus on user interaction.
Learn techniques for data extraction to CSV file, MySQL storage, and HTML parsing.
Understand and apply Go programming testing methodologies.
Basic Programming Knowledge: Students should have a foundational understanding of programming concepts, such as variables, loops, and functions, in any programming language.
Internet Connection: For accessing online resources, documentation, and downloading necessary packages or modules.
This course primarily focuses on the Go programming language, covering topics from basic syntax and data structures to advanced concepts like concurrency, web development, and database integration. It offers a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises to ensure comprehensive understanding and hands-on experience.Unlock the power of Go programming with our comprehensive course designed for aspiring developers and seasoned programmers looking to master a language that powers giants like Google and Dropbox. We will guide you through the nuances of Go, starting with the foundational concepts and advancing to sophisticated application development.In this course, you'll:Grasp the basics of Go, from variables to advanced control structures.Learn how to build robust CRUD applications and create RESTful APIs using the Gin framework.Discover how to construct custom data structures for handling complex user interactions.Master the art of web scraping, efficiently extracting and managing data from various sources.Dive into concurrency with Go's goroutines and channels for high-performance applications.With over 30+ lessons, hands-on projects, and real-world examples, you'll gain the skills to construct efficient, reliable, and scalable Go applications. You'll not only learn the syntax but also understand how to structure your projects, manage memory, and implement interfaces and polymorphism. By the end of this course, you'll have built several fully-functional applications, a testament to your journey from beginner to Go expert.What You'll Gain from the Hands-On Projects in This Comprehensive Go Programming Course:Developing User-Centric CRUD Applications: Dive into creating robust CRUD applications that focus on user interaction. Learn to elegantly handle database operations using Go's standard library and ORM tools, ensuring your applications are both powerful and user-friendly.Mastering Web Server Management and Routing: Gain expertise in managing HTTP servers and routing with the Gorilla Mux router. This skill is crucial for developing web applications that are efficient, reliable, and easy to navigate.Building RESTful APIs with Go: Learn the art of constructing RESTful APIs using the Gin framework. You'll understand how to effectively implement middleware and manage routing, ensuring your APIs are well-structured and performant.Navigating Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS): Master the complexities of CORS in API development. This knowledge is essential for creating secure, accessible APIs that can interact seamlessly with different web applications.Designing Advanced Data Structures: Get hands-on experience crafting efficient data models and structures. This skill is key to managing complex data in a logical and effective manner, enhancing the performance of your applications.Creating Interactive Console UIs: Learn to build engaging console UIs with termbox-go. This project will teach you how to read from the console and validate inputs, providing a comprehensive understanding of user interaction in Go applications.Go Programming Testing and Best Practices: Understand and apply Go programming testing methodologies, learning to write robust and reliable unit tests, a critical skill for ensuring the quality and functionality of your Go applications.Developing Sophisticated Web Scrapers: Explore the world of web scraping with Go. You'll set up advanced scrapers, learning techniques for data extraction, storage, and HTML parsing. This includes using third-party libraries to enhance the functionality and efficiency of your scrapers.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Setting up the Golang Environment on Windows and MacOS
Section 2: Variables,Types and Constants in Go
Lecture 3 Data types
Lecture 4 Variables
Lecture 5 Constants and IOTA
Lecture 6 String
Section 3: Control Structures
Lecture 7 Conditional Statements(if, else if, else)
Lecture 8 Loops(for,range)
Lecture 9 Switch and select statements
Section 4: Functions and Methods
Lecture 10 Declaring Functions
Lecture 11 Return Values of Functions
Lecture 12 Anonymous Functions
Lecture 13 Closures
Lecture 14 Methods
Section 5: Composite Types in Golang
Lecture 15 Array
Lecture 16 Slice
Lecture 17 Map
Section 6: Error Handling
Lecture 18 Introduction to Error Handling in Golang
Lecture 19 The panic and recover mechanism
Lecture 20 The defer keyword in Golang
Section 7: Advanced topics in Golang
Lecture 21 Pointers
Lecture 22 Concurrency
Lecture 23 Local and External Packages imports in Golang
Section 8: Building a Golang Command-Line Application with User Interaction
Lecture 24 What we will build
Lecture 25 Working with Custom Data Structures
Lecture 26 Implementing Interfaces and Methods
Lecture 27 Understanding the Main Go File
Lecture 28 Running and Testing the Application
Section 9: Building a Web Scraper in Go Using MySQL and Colly
Lecture 29 Introduction to Web Scraping in Go
Lecture 30 Inspecting Web Pages and Writing the First Colly Scraper
Lecture 31 Defining the Data Model for Go Web Scraping
Lecture 32 Building the Scraper Logic in Go
Lecture 33 Storing the Scraped Data in Go to CSV file
Lecture 34 Storing the Scraped Data in MySQL with Go
Lecture 35 Orchestrating the Scraper and and Showcasing Data
Section 10: Building a CRUD Application with MySQL, GORM, and Gorilla Mux
Lecture 36 What we'll be building
Lecture 37 Defining the Data Model
Lecture 38 MySQL Database Connection and Initialization
Lecture 39 Handling HTTP Requests
Lecture 40 Setting Up Routes and Running the Server
Lecture 41 Testing the Application
Section 11: Building a RESTful API for a To-Do List with MySQL and GORM
Lecture 42 What We Will Build
Lecture 43 Routing and Handling CORS in Go
Lecture 44 Building the API Endpoints
Lecture 45 Connecting to the Database
Lecture 46 Building main application logic of RESTful API
Lecture 47 Testing RESTful API with curl
This course is tailored for individuals who are looking to dive into the world of Golang, whether they are complete beginners to the language or have some prior exposure and wish to deepen their understanding.,It's ideal for software developers transitioning from other languages, backend developers keen on leveraging Go's concurrency features, or anyone passionate about modern programming languages.,If you're aiming to build fast, efficient, and scalable applications, or simply want to add a powerful tool to your programming repertoire, this Golang course is designed with you in mind!


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