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Complete Figma Advance Prototyping Megacourse | 11+ Projects

Posted by: oaxino on 3-10-2023, 03:37
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Complete Figma Advance Prototyping  Megacourse | 11+ Projects

Complete Figma Advance Prototyping Megacourse | 11+ Projects
Published 9/2023
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Master advance prototyping with your favorite design tool UI design tool Figma

What you'll learn
You will learn the foundations and fundamentals of prototyping using Figma.
Hands-on projects will introduce you to all the essential prototyping workflows.
You will learn the latest concepts of variables based on Figma's 2023 update.
You will learn helpful topics such as interactive components and micro interactions.
You need to have basic familiarity with using Figma.
Elevate your design game with the "Master Figma Prototyping Mega Course," a comprehensive program designed to empower designers, from UX to UI experts, with advanced prototyping skills. This all-in-one course features 11+ engaging projects and over 58 lessons, equipping you with the tools to excel in the dynamic world of Figma.Key Features:Updated for Figma Config 2023: Stay on the cutting edge with the latest Figma updates, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve.From Foundation to Pro Level: Whether you're starting from scratch or aiming to become a prototyping pro, we'll take you on a journey from the very basics to advanced techniques.Unlock New Opportunities: Prototyping isn't just a skill; it's a gateway to presenting your work effectively, communicating your ideas to stakeholders, and showcasing your portfolio to unlock exciting opportunities.Complements Your UI Skills: Seamlessly integrate prototyping into your skill set, making you a more versatile and in-demand designer.What You'll Learn:Smart Animate: Harness the power of smart animation in Figma, creating captivating and dynamic transitions that breathe life into your designs.Variables: Master the use of variables to add flexibility and responsiveness to your prototypes, allowing for a more interactive user experience.Interactive Components: Dive into creating interactive components that engage users, from simple hover effects to intricate behaviors that captivate your audience.Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling: Learn to implement scrolling seamlessly in your designs, providing a fluid and intuitive user journey.Lottie Animations: Add the magic of Lottie animations to your prototypes, creating visually stunning and eye-catching interactions.By the end of this course, you'll not only be proficient in these advanced Figma prototyping techniques but also equipped to present your work with finesse, effectively communicate your design concepts to stakeholders, and bolster your portfolio to unlock new opportunities in the ever-evolving design landscape.Prototyping is the key to taking your designs from static to dynamic, and this course is your ultimate guide. Whether you're a seasoned UI designer looking to enhance your skills or a beginner eager to dive into the world of Figma, our "Master Figma Prototyping Mega Course" has something for everyone.Join us on this transformative journey, and let's master Figma prototyping together! Enroll now to embark on a path that leads to endless creative possibilities.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Welcome to the Megacourse
Lecture 2 What will you learn?
Lecture 3 Meet Your Instructor
Lecture 4 Why learn Figma's Advance Prototyping
Lecture 5 Introduction
Lecture 6 What will you learn this course?
Lecture 7 Why Prototyping?
Lecture 8 Instructors Introduction
Section 2: Prototyping Foundations
Lecture 9 Overview
Lecture 10 Essential UI kit and working files for the project
Lecture 11 Prototyping workflow walkthrough
Lecture 12 Using Frames
Lecture 13 Screen Transitions
Lecture 14 Multiflow
Lecture 15 Preview Feature
Lecture 16 Section Summary
Section 3: Testing Your Prototype on your Phone
Lecture 17 What is Figma Mirro
Lecture 18 How to use Figma mirror
Section 4: Airbnb App Prototype : All about the Scroll
Lecture 19 Module Overview
Lecture 20 Horizontal Scrolling
Lecture 21 Vertical Scrolling
Lecture 22 Modal / Overlay Interactions
Section 5: Interactive Components
Lecture 23 Interactive Component Module Overview
Lecture 24 What are Interactive Components?
Lecture 25 Toggle Interaction Component
Lecture 26 Slider Interaction
Lecture 27 Glow Button Interaction
Lecture 28 Star Rating
Lecture 29 Dynamic Island Interaction
Section 6: Apple Maps Prototyping Project
Lecture 30 Project Overview
Lecture 31 Maps Interaction
Lecture 32 Sheet Open and Close Interaction
Lecture 33 Section Summary
Section 7: Variables and Conditional
Lecture 34 Introduction to variables and Conditionals
Lecture 35 Starbucks Checkout Project Overview
Lecture 36 How to create a variable
Lecture 37 Assigning Variables
Lecture 38 Creating Variable Expression
Lecture 39 What are conditionals ?
Lecture 40 Variables and Conditionals Summary
Lecture 41 Smart Watch App : Color Variable
Lecture 42 Smart Watch App project
Lecture 43 Summary
Section 8: Lottie Animations
Lecture 44 Lottie Animation Overview
Lecture 45 About Lottie Animations
Lecture 46 Lottie Animation Plugin
Lecture 47 Importing Lottie Files
Lecture 48 Adding Lottie Animations to the prototype
Lecture 49 Publishing Lottie Animations
Section 9: Car App Concept
Lecture 50 Car App Project Overview
Lecture 51 Project
Lecture 52 Project Summary
Section 10: Parallax Effect
Lecture 53 Parallax Effect project overview
Lecture 54 Project part 1
Lecture 55 Project part 2
Lecture 56 Project Summary
Section 11: Apple Vision Pro Project
Lecture 57 Vision Pro Project Overview
Lecture 58 Working Files Overview
Lecture 59 Vision pro project
Lecture 60 Summary
Section 12: Course Completion
Lecture 61 Resources
Lecture 62 Congratulations
Beginner UX, UI and Product Designers trying to learn advance prototyping skills,Advanced designers looking to level up their prototyping skills.,If you are just curious to see how it all works, you are welcome to join.


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