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Secret Decoded The Science Of Manifesting

Posted by: voska89 on 27-09-2023, 14:45
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Secret Decoded The Science Of Manifesting
Free Download Secret Decoded The Science Of Manifesting
Published 9/2023
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Cracking the manifestation code. Discovering the science behind success.

What you'll learn
Learn how to manipulate your reality at will.
Learn the laws of the universe and how to use them to your advantage.
Learn the science behind "The Secret" and other concepts that are spoken of, but never explained in full detail.
Learn why science and spirituality go hand-in-hand.
You will need a computer or a mobile device, headphones or earphones, and a quiet place to take this course.
For book enthusiasts with a passion for deepening their understanding of the universe.
Have a notepad ready when taking this course.
Must have a willingness to learn, increase intelligence, and want to enhance spiritual growth.
In "Secret Decoded: The Science of Manifesting," embark on a profound journey that delves into the realms of quantum physics, neuroscience, and esoteric wisdom, unraveling the hidden principles that drive the art of manifestation. This groundbreaking book aims to decipher the elusive secrets of success, inspired by the teachings of "The Secret" but taking it to a whole new level of understanding.Drawing upon the latest scientific discoveries and ancient esoteric concepts, this captivating exploration explores the interconnectedness of the universe, the power of thought, and the role of consciousness in shaping our reality. By blending quantum mechanics and neuroscience with age-old spiritual wisdom, "Secret Decoded" offers readers a comprehensive and holistic understanding of the manifestation process.Author Marc Andrew, a leading expert in the fields of quantum physics and esoteric studies, demystifies the enigmatic world of manifestation, making it accessible to readers of all backgrounds. From the foundational principles of quantum entanglement to the neurological mechanisms that influence our beliefs and actions, the book bridges the gap between science and spirituality, empowering readers with practical tools to harness the immense potential within.Throughout the pages of "Secret Decoded," readers will be guided on a transformative journey, learning to tap into their inner power to manifest abundance, success, and fulfillment. The book provides step-by-step techniques and exercises to rewire the mind, align with the universe's flow, and attract positive outcomes in every aspect of life.Whether you are new to the concept of manifestation or seeking to deepen your understanding, "Secret Decoded: The Science of Manifesting" offers a fresh perspective and a wealth of knowledge that will inspire you to unlock your full potential and manifest the life of your dreams. Prepare to be enlightened, inspired, and transformed as you embark on this extraordinary quest of self-discovery and empowerment.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Intro
Section 2: Quantum Mechanics
Lecture 2 Life of Sam
Lecture 3 Intro to Quantum Mechanics
Lecture 4 Law of Attraction overview
Lecture 5 Hidden Variables
Section 3: What's real?
Lecture 6 Everything Vibrates
Lecture 7 Duality
Lecture 8 Do we have control?
Lecture 9 Error-Correcting Codes in the Universe
Section 4: The Crystal Body
Lecture 10 Growth Mentality
Lecture 11 The Pineal
Lecture 12 Magnetic Fields
Lecture 13 Frequencies
Section 5: Cultivating Your Environment
Lecture 14 Gut Feeling
Lecture 15 The Ancestors
Lecture 16 Mind Programming
Lecture 17 The Crystal Brain
Lecture 18 Blocking Your Blessings
Lecture 19 Your Environment
Lecture 20 School of Ki
Section 6: Motivation
Lecture 21 Fasting
Lecture 22 Everything is Created Twice
Lecture 23 Belief
Lecture 24 Success Mindset
Lecture 25 Nothing Stopping You
Section 7: Last of the Legendary Teachings
Lecture 26 The Science behind Visualization
Lecture 27 The Secret Decoded
Lecture 28 Words
Lecture 29 The Process
Lecture 30 Ancient Practices
Lecture 31 Love Wins.
Any person looking to reach their fullest potential.,Those looking to uncover the science and mechanics behind belief and manifestation.


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