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Pelvic floor yoga lvl 2. Body-Mind transformation with Nauli

Posted by: oaxino on 26-05-2023, 15:57
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Pelvic floor yoga lvl 2. Body-Mind transformation  with Nauli

Pelvic floor yoga lvl 2. Body-Mind transformation with Nauli
Published 5/2023
Created by Yuliana G
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Change your life with Nauli: boost your energy level, improve your female health and get into a great shape.

What you'll learn
You will master Nauli technique, which, with daily practice, will help to radically improve your overall women's health and increase feminine energy
Obtain a new morning routine that will bring you a boost of energy and endorphins every time you practice
Tone the belly, get into an amazing shape and maintain that shape with no more than 30 min of daily practice
Connect with yourself better - getting comfortable with your feminine self is a powerful weapon to be more confident and achieve better internal harmony
Improve digestive function, strengthen respiratory muscles, improve blood circulation in the pelvic organs and increase intimate sensitivity & libido
My course does not require preparation though it will be beneficial for you to go through my "Pelvic floor yoga. Stop incontinence, prolapse & low libido" course to get acquainted with the basics of pelvic floor yoga practice.
Welcome to "Pelvic floor yoga lvl 2. Body & mind transformation with Nauli". If you're here, it means you're committed to becoming the happiest & healthiest version of yourself. You're ready to show up and make it happen. And I'm so excited for you!The course consists of 6 classes that are focusing on the advanced level of pelvic floor yoga exercises - Nauli practice.This sacred yogic technique has an incredible amount of benefits! Some of those are:Helps to get into a better shape and get rid of unwanted weightIncreases energy level (it truly works better than coffee!)Strengthens abdominal muscles for that toned and beautiful stomachImproves skin quality and reduces sagginessPrevents internal organs prolapseImproves digestion, reduces bloatingNormalizes menstrual cycle and reduces menstrual painsIncreases intimate sensitivity and libidoHelps to reduce water retention in the bodyWhy join?To get a complete body & mind transformation:Body: you will improve your overall female health & prevent women's health problems, increase your energy level, get into great shape & strengthen your core, and improve intimate zone immunity & sensitivity.Mind: you will connect with yourself better - getting to know all your body parts intimately and getting comfortable and confident with your intimate zone is a powerful weapon to get that self-esteem up and achieve better internal harmony.⁠My course does not require any preparation but I strongly recommend to go through "Pelvic floor yoga. Stop incontinence, props & low libido" first to get familiar with the pelvic floor yoga basics.You can expect visible progress (belly fat reduction and relief forming) after just a couple of months of regular training. As for the energy and confidence level - those will increase even faster.⁠Ready for the powerful transformation? Dive into the course!
Who this course is for
My course is for all women who care about their women's health, who want to get happier, healthier, more energetic and more in tune with themselves. You might want to improve overall intimate zone immunity as pelvic floor issues prevention of get rid of some problems that are bothering you - the exercises I share are the same for both cases and will help you to achieve the vision you have for yourself. In my case, healthy, confident and full of energy.

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