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How To Survive And Thrive After A Cancer Diagnosis!

Posted by: oaxino on 26-05-2023, 15:46
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How To Survive And Thrive After A Cancer  Diagnosis!

How To Survive And Thrive After A Cancer Diagnosis!
Published 5/2023
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How to Optimise Your Life When Dealing with a Nasty Disease!

What you'll learn
Learn life saving ways to cope with the diagnosis of a life-threatening illness.
Learn how to respond rather than react!
Learn to understand that your mindset is as important as your physical wellbeing when fighting an illness.
Learn the Power of your Network and how to gain strength from it!
Be ignited to Decide to Make a Decision to Live!
Learn how to Find your Purpose at this stressful time!
Make your loved ones aware of what you need and how they can help!
No previous experience required however this program best serves anyone who is diagnosed with cancer or any other disease.
This program will also assist loved ones and carers giving them some action ideas to help the situation.
From the onset, I want to say when life interrupts you, it is not one size fits all. I understand some people are doing it tough. I respect that each person is an individual, and their way of dealing with a life-threatening illness or a complex issue may be different. This is how I have gotten through Stage IV Rectal Cancer and I hope by sharing my ideas helps you!I understand that being a sales coach by profession and working to unlock people's full potential to become better in pushing through sales has served me well.Selling requires resilience, determination, and a large amount of self-belief. The three key elements in surviving a tough health issue.People have constantly been asking me, "What are you doing to remain so strong and positive?" Having Stage IV rectal cancer is quite a lot to deal with.I recently analysed my behaviour and the result is I was in fact following a process and a pattern of behaviour and it stems from mindset. No surprises there!My favourite quote is ... "We all have two lives. The second one begins the day you realize you only have one." Confucius (Chinese philosopher)Please join me to strengthen your self-belief that you can and will conquer whatever nasty disease you have! This program is for sufferers to unlock their inner strength and for loved ones to support and understand how to manage the situation better.Please note that proceeds from this course go to Charity to further our understanding of how we can combat and treat cancer!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 How best to manage your emotions and actions.
Lecture 3 Surround yourself with your support team!
Lecture 4 Decide to Make a Decision to Live.
Lecture 5 Commit to getting better mentally and physically.
Lecture 6 Find your Purpose.
Lecture 7 Let it Go.
Lecture 8 What is your vision for your life beyond being unwell?
Lecture 9 Any illness is a mind game as much as a physical endurance test.
Section 2: Let's Bring it all together!
Lecture 10 Let's take a deep dive.
Section 3: Closing Remarks
Lecture 11 Congratulations thank you for taking the time to listen to this!
Anyone who is suffering an illness that is affecting their mental or physical wellbeing.,Friends and Family who want to be able to give positive guidance to help their loved one.

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