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Php Mysql Inventory Barcode Pos Web App With Dashboard

Posted by: voska89 on 19-03-2023, 16:28
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Php Mysql Inventory Barcode Pos Web App With Dashboard
Free Download Php Mysql Inventory Barcode Pos Web App With Dashboard
Published 3/2023
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Inventory POS BARCODE Project With Billing by use of Bootstrap 4 Responsive AdminLTE Dashboard With PHP PHP8 MYSQL

What you'll learn
Students will learn Basics Concept of PHP programming language With fundamentals of web-Client server architecture from Theory to Practicle
You will learn how to create Real time Web Based Inventory POS BARCODE Project With Admin LTE Dashboard using PHP8 programming language
You will learn procedural php programming in this project and plugins , Tools , Graphs , Printing Bills And lots of things with adminLTE Dashboard
You will learn procedural php programming in this project and plugins , Tools , Graphs , Printing Bills
RequirementsYou need to just a Computer or Laptop with Internet Connection and DESIRE to learn programming in PHP.You have to knowledge of PHP MYSQL Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3 basic principles for project, You can find free course for bootstrap , HTML5 and CSS3 on UDEMY from scratch. It's not mandatory but it could be helpful for the project Development, You Should have basic background in jаvascript, jQuery and Bootstrap grid layout.DescriptionWould you like to learn Basic fundamentals of PHP with Inventory POS BARCODE System Real time Project and sell it to companies that wants to manage their inventory and billing?In this course you will learn basic fundamentals of PHP with Inventory POS BARCODE System from scratch using the programming language PHP8, combining several resources that will allow you to offer useful characteristics for any company that needs to open a store or manage their sales and stock.This is REAL TIME PROJECT course where I will teach you step by step the basics fundamentals of PHP8 with creating WEB APPLICATION with PHP under the Procedure way with PDO(PHP DATA OBJECT), when you finish it, you could sell it to your clients or it could be used as a basis to develop other complex web applications.POS BARCODE SYSTEM characteristics:Login ModuleUser RegistrationCategory Products , Stock , Product BARCODEInventory managementInvoice Billing PDF printing(FPDF)Sales Order with different payment methods with Scanning of BARCODESales report Best-selling products reportStock product controlDaily reportMonthly reportDate range reportAdapted to all devices (Responsive design)Libraries you will learn how to use:AdminLTE Dashboard BOOTSTRAP 4 : Great open source template for responsive software Development.jQuery DataTable: Used for dynamic tables creation.ChartJS:Used for dynamic graphics and charts.Date Range Picker: Used for selecting date ranges.Select2 Plugin: For Searcing products in sales orderSweetalerts: Awesome alerts library.FPDF :PHP extension for PDF format printing.BARCODE LIBRARYAnd Many others...HOW'S THE COURSE?The course is divided in several sections. we will work for developing the Inventory POS BARCODE system.And the following sections we will build, step by step from scratch, every single module that will be part of our Inventory POS BARCODE system from HTML, CSS stylesheet, jаvascript interaction and jQuery, along other plugins and server-side connection using PHP 8 with PDO(PHP DATA OBJECT) under the Procedure pattern using MySQL database.HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO COMPLETE THE COURSE?It is up to you. I guess that you would take less than three weeks to complete it, but it depends on your availability and workflow.WHAT ARE THE MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS?Download the material where you can find the resources for the first lesson in each section.You should have a basic knowledge on PHP8, Mysql , Bootstrap , HTML5 and CSS3, course.
Section 1: Xampp and AdminLTE with PHP 8 - Design & Login Section
Lecture 1 First Lecture Overview of AdminLte-01
Lecture 2 Overview of AdminLTE Dashboard-02
Lecture 3 Download And Install Xampp Server-03
Lecture 4 Download and install VSCODE-04
Lecture 5 Create Project Folder in Xampp-05
Lecture 6 Create New Database And Table-06
Lecture 7 Login Page Design-07
Lecture 8 Install Extensions in VS CODE-08
Lecture 9 Create UI Folder and files-09
Lecture 10 Create Header And Footer-10
Lecture 11 Creating Database Connection-11
Lecture 12 Login page part 01 - 12
Lecture 13 Login page part 02 - 13
Lecture 14 Login Page Part 03 Error -14
Lecture 15 Login Page Part 04 - 15 Multiuser
Lecture 16 Login Page Part 05 Design Menus 16
Lecture 17 Login Page Part 06 Sessions 17
Lecture 18 Login Page Part 07 Logout 18
Lecture 19 Login Page Part 08 Alerts 19
Lecture 20 Login Page Part 09 Alerts
Lecture 21 Change Password Part 01
Lecture 22 Change Password Part 02
Lecture 23 Change Password Part 03
Lecture 24 Change Password Part 04
Lecture 25 Change Password Part 05
Lecture 26 Change Password Part 06
Lecture 27 Change Password Part 07
Lecture 28 Add Menus Items L28 (Important Lecture)
Section 2: Learn To Create Registration Form
Lecture 29 Registration Form Part 01
Lecture 30 Registration Form Part 02
Lecture 31 Registration Form Part 03
Lecture 32 Registration Form Part 04
Lecture 33 Registration Form Part 05
Lecture 34 Registration Form Part 06
Lecture 35 Registration Form Part 07
Section 3: Create Category Form
Lecture 36 Category Part 01
Lecture 37 Category Part 02
Lecture 38 Category Part 03
Lecture 39 Category Part 04
Lecture 40 Category Part 05
Lecture 41 Category Part 06
Lecture 42 Category Part 07
Section 4: Learn To Create Product Section
Lecture 43 Add Product Part 01 Design 01
Lecture 44 Add Product Part 02 Design 02
Lecture 45 Learn Basics Of File Upload or Image Upload Part 01
Lecture 46 Learn Basics Of File Upload or Image Upload Part 02
Lecture 47 Add Product Part 03 Fetch Category
Lecture 48 Add Product Part 04-Create Database table
Lecture 49 Add Product Part 05 Coding section p1
Lecture 50 Add Product Part 06 Coding section p2
Lecture 51 Add Product Part 07- Test Live Barcode reading
Lecture 52 Add Product Part 08- Generate New Barcode Numbers
Section 5: Product List Module With Generate Barcode
Lecture 53 Product List Part 01 L53 - Design Page 01
Lecture 54 Product List Part 02 L54-Create Buttons and Datatable
Lecture 55 Product List Part 03 L55-Datatable & Toggles
Lecture 56 Product List Part 04 L56-view product
Lecture 57 Product List Part 05 L57-Show data in viewproduct
Lecture 58 Product List Part 06 L58-Show Image in Viewproduct
Lecture 59 Product List Part 07 L59-Add Barcode Library
Lecture 60 Product List Part 08 L60-Edit product p1
Lecture 61 Product List Part 09 L61-Edit product p2
Lecture 62 Product List Part 10 L62-Update Query
Lecture 63 Product List Part 11 L63-Update Query New Image
Lecture 64 Product List Part 12 L64-Delete Part 01
Lecture 65 Product List Part 13 L65-delete part 02 Sweet Alert
Section 6: Generate Barcode Stickers for Product in Product List Module
Lecture 66 Generate Barcode Stickers Part 01 L66
Lecture 67 Generate Barcode Stickers Part 02 L67
Lecture 68 Generate Barcode Stickers Part 03 L68
Section 7: Create Tax & Discount Module
Lecture 69 Tax & Discount Database Table Part 01 L69
Lecture 70 Tax Discount Insert Part 02 L70
Lecture 71 Tax Discount Edit Part 03 L71
Section 8: Create Order OR POS[Point Of Sale]
Lecture 72 Create Order-POS Part-01 L72
Lecture 73 Create Order-POS Part-02 L73
Lecture 74 Create Order-POS Part-03 L74
Lecture 75 Create Order-POS Part-04 L75
Lecture 76 Create Order-POS Part-05 L76
Lecture 77 POS Part-6 L77-Ajax
Lecture 78 POS Part-7 L78-Jquery.inArray
Lecture 79 POS Part-8 L79-BillingTable
Lecture 80 POS Part-9 L80-Explain Code
Lecture 81 POS Part-10 L81-QTY Calculation
Lecture 82 POS Part-11 L82-Search Box Query
Lecture 83 POS Part-12 L83-Search Ajax Request
Lecture 84 POS Part-13 L84-Taxdis
Lecture 85 POS Part-14 L85-Calculate Function-P1
Lecture 86 POS Part-15 L86-Calculate Function-P2
Lecture 87 POS Part-16 L87-Discount Function
Lecture 88 POS Part-17 L88-Remove Button
Lecture 89 POS Part-18 L89-Create Database Tables
Lecture 90 POS Part-19 L90-Insert Order P1
Lecture 91 POS Part-20 L91-Insert order P2
Lecture 92 POS Part-21 L92-Insert Order P3
Lecture 93 POS Part-22 L93-Insert order P4-IMPORTANT LECTURE
Lecture 94 POS Part-23 L94-Insert order P5
Lecture 95 POS Part-24 L95-Insert order P6
Lecture 96 POS Part-25 L96-OrderList P1
Lecture 97 POS Part-26 L97-OrderList P2
Lecture 98 POS Part-27 L98-OrderList P3
Lecture 99 POS Part-28 L99-EditOrderPOS P1
Lecture 100 POS Part-29 L100-EditOrderPOS P2
Lecture 101 POS Part-30 L101-EditOrderPOS P3
Lecture 102 POS Part-31 L102-UpdateOrderButton P1
Lecture 103 POS Part-32 L103-UpdateOrderButton P2
Lecture 104 POS Part-33 L104-DeleteOrderButton P1
Section 9: Learn To Design Bill OR Invoice Using FPDF
Lecture 105 POS Part-34 L105-PrintBill P1
Lecture 106 POS Part-35 L106-PrintBill P2
Lecture 107 POS Part-36 L107-PrintBill P3
Lecture 108 POS Part-37 L108-PrintBill P4
This course is for PHP Beginners ,IT Students , entrepreneurs or freelancers that want to create Web Applications with PHP and MySQL and sell it to clients or companies for software business or it can be help for PHP Developers.

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