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Reiki Space Clearing Certification - Energy Healing A Place

Posted by: voska89 on 25-01-2023, 04:14
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Reiki Space Clearing Certification - Energy Healing A Place
Last updated 1/2023
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Rid negative energy in homes, rooms, workplaces & more! Use Reiki Energy Healing to clear your own spaces or others!

What you'll learn
Obtain an accredited Space Clearing Practitioner Certificate
Be able to perform a Space Clearing in homes, offices, and any location
Feel a space and identify issues (emotional, spiritual, and practical)
Obtain a basic knowledge of Feng Shui in order to further assist in clearing spaces
Make any location feel lighter, brighter and full of love
Understand the fundamentals to energy healing
Listen and trust your intuition
A willingness to grow your spiritual self awareness and intuition
Have access to the internet
Be able to watch & listen to video tutorials online
Be able to download and view PDF files
Be able to download and listen to MP3 files
= A FEW OF MELISSA'S TESTIMONIALS =This course has had such an incredibly positive impact on my life and home. My home feels fresh, clear of any negativity and a much more supportive and postitive place to be. Sometimes in certain areas of my home I would feel anxious or groggy for no obvious reason, it turns out that all I needed to do was clear the space! I would feel completely confident to clear spaces as a career if I so wished after taking this course. Melissa was clear, thourough and I felt very supportive - EmmaThank you Melissa I have enjoyed this course as much as your other courses. I love[the bagua] prints and extra material you always provide. - DeborahThis course is great and the teacher explains everything in much more detail. Life happens. Picking up energy is inevitable when under stress. This will allow me to clear my space much more effectively. I am grateful. - Betty"I wanted to understand more about energy clearing and this class has met and exceeded my expectations! – PatriciaI really loved this course and I was impressed how the energy shifted in my home after the clearing - JessicaIt Works! Fast improvement. Actually very noticable change here. The best teacher!- OddrunThis course is absolutely brilliant - Anand====== WHAT TO EXPECT ======Whether it's your home, school, or workplace, ensuring the places you spend a lot of time in feel good to you can impact more than you realise. If you don't feel comfortable in a space, then you will - even at a subconscious level - reflect that uneasy energy. And vice versa, if you emanate negative energy, you can impact the space you're in, too!And that's where Space Clearing comes in! An energy healing technique which focuses on clearing out negative energy to then allow room for positive energy to come in - and influence you (and others!) in a wonderful way!There are a lot of 'moving parts' to Space Clearing; but thankfully, I created this course in a manner to simplify the process without compromising on the depth of knowledge it takes to do it effectively!Please keep in mind that no experience is required to take this course! I created it specifically so anybody can learn and benefit from using Space Clearing techniques! For those existing healers - including Reiki practitioners, this course is a great way to enhance your skills, and it's also a wonderful complement to my Reiki Level I, II, + Master Certification course!
====== WHAT'S INCLUDED ======Once enrolled, you'll need to download the course book, written by Melissa: Space Clearing Made Simple (PDF). The book has all the details and steps you'll need, and makes a great reference point during and after the course!As you progress, you'll learn the fundamentals including energy healing and the Energy Field. From there you'll learn a bit about what Space Clearing is, as well as learn the 'Anatomy of a Place'. I'll then teach you different techniques, as well as learn about preparation tools as well as the steps to prepare for a clearing. Of course, I then take you through the Steps to Space Clear as well as cover off what to expect afterward. Add to that, I'll provide you with my own Space Clearing Worksheet (PDF) to help you actually perform a clearing session. There are also 2 different Life Situations Bagua Maps (PDF) to help you even further while you learn! I also provide a Space Clearing Steps Audio (MP3) as well as the Building Your Intuition Exercise Lecture (MP3) to make the learning process even easier!For those who want to offer Space Clearing to others, I provide a Space Clearing Client Intake Form (doc and PDF) to make your job easier to do once you arrive at the location.Once you've completed the entire course, you'll have all that you need to start positively influences spaces - for yourself and others!At this point you'll be able to quickly apply and use these techniques with your current skills! Once you've completed the entire course, gone through all the lectures and practiced when prompted, if you choose to, you'll be able to take my Space Clearing Final Exam. Upon successful completion, you'll receive a beautiful Certificate of Completion (PDF) and a Digital Seal of Completion (JPG)! Some of the additional benefits of this course include being able to affect positive change in locations as well as alleviate stress - all which will help improve the space's - and the people in it - overall well-being! As you get used to Space Clearing more and more, it start to become second nature and you'll even be able to make small changes everywhere you go to always feel comfortable!Lastly, as I continue to add more helpful information to this course over time, you'll have lifetime access to it! I hope you enjoy this exciting new journey sweet friend! Big love!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Welcome to the course!
Lecture 2 Important course information ♥ And contacting Melissa
Lecture 3 Download your course handbook
Lecture 4 Interview: Shawn's Space Clearing experience
Section 2: Chapter 1. The fundamentals
Lecture 5 Introduction to the fundamentals
Lecture 6 What is Reiki and Energy Healing?
Lecture 7 Hand Energy Exercise Steps
Lecture 8 Demonstration: Hand Energy Exercise
Section 3: Chapter 2. The energy field
Lecture 9 The Energy Field and its connection to Space Clearing
Section 4: Chapter 3. What is Space Clearing?
Lecture 10 Introduction to Space Clearing
Lecture 11 How does a space get this way?
Lecture 12 How does, and how quickly can, it change?
Lecture 13 How to feel a space using your intuition
Section 5: Chapter 4. The anatomy of a place
Lecture 14 Introduction to the anatomy of a place
Lecture 15 So what is Feng Shui?
Lecture 16 What are Baguas?
Lecture 17 What's a Life Situation Bagua?
Lecture 18 Introduction to a room's purpose
Lecture 19 Common room purpose's explained
Lecture 20 Simple Before/After Example: Entryway
Section 6: Chapter 5. Techniques for Bagua Life Situations
Lecture 21 Identifying for insights and Bagua Life Situation intro
Lecture 22 Prosperity & Wealth
Lecture 23 Fame & Reputation
Lecture 24 Relationships & Love
Lecture 25 Family
Lecture 26 Overall & Health
Lecture 27 Creativity & Children
Lecture 28 Knowledge & Skills
Lecture 29 Life Path & Career
Lecture 30 Synchronicity
Lecture 31 Life Situations Bagua with Techniques Map with Floor Plan Example
Section 7: Chapter 6. Other tools & preparation
Lecture 32 Tools you can use with Space Clearing
Lecture 33 Life Situations Bagua Template and Space Clearing Worksheet
Lecture 34 Protection & intentions
Lecture 35 Disconnecting & re-energising
Section 8: Chapter 7: Space clearing steps
Lecture 36 Space Clearing Steps
Lecture 37 Demonstration 1: Melissa space clearing a bedroom
Lecture 38 Demonstration 2: Melissa doing a mini-clearing in a hotel room
Section 9: Chapter 8: After the clearing
Lecture 39 What can happen: relapses and re-clearing
Lecture 40 Interview: Melissa's 'after' thoughts about a clearing
Section 10: Chapter 9: Helping others
Lecture 41 When you want to help others clear spaces
Lecture 42 Being prepared when working with the public
Section 11: Chapter 10. FAQs
Lecture 43 FAQ: General
Lecture 44 FAQ: What if the shape of a home is irregular?
Lecture 45 FAQ: Business Related
Lecture 46 Human Chakra Chart
Section 12: Chapter 11. Well done & course completion
Lecture 47 Melissa's closing words and gratitude
Lecture 48 ♥ Bonus Lecture
This course is ideal for those who want to learn how to clear energetic negativity from places/spaces,While this course stands strongly on its own, it does complement other healing modalities such as Reiki, massage, chiropractic services, nursing and more,No prior knowledge or experience is necessary, however this course does require you to have an open mind and willingness to love :),Ideal for existing energy healers, including Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2, or Reiki Master Practitioners


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