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Positive Thought Healing For Self-Worth, Health & Happiness

Posted by: voska89 on 25-01-2023, 04:10
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Positive Thought Healing For Self-Worth, Health & Happiness
Last updated 12/2022
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Turn negative thoughts into healing ones! Effective, detailed explanations & certification! A form of Energy Healing

What you'll learn
Obtain an accredited Positive Thought Healing Certificate
Use Positive Thought Healing to improve your life, focus, and energy
Use the techniques for yourself, friends, family, and clients
Understand the power of thoughts and why they matter
Learn the difference between thoughts and "healing thoughts"
Recognize how you *really* communicate within yourself and the outside world
Realize how your mind, physical brain, physical body, and energetic body work together
Understand the basics of energy and how it plays a major role in thought healing
Have an open mind and open heart
Have access to the internet
Be able to watch & listen to video tutorials online
Be able to download and view PDF files
Be able to download and listen to MP3 files
Whether or not you're aware of it, you already create outcomes with your thoughts with incredible accuracy. Whether or not you like those outcomes comes down to how well you've employed your time.Meaningful thoughts which replay, repeat, and rehash themselves in your mind - the ones which evoke emotions, even physical responses – underpin the truth of the famous saying "Whether you think you can, or think you can't – you're right". And it's those same thoughts, chocked-full of belief and conviction, that create irrefutable mental placebo effects that tinker with real-world scientific results. In short, your thoughts matter.As such, the more attached you are to the ideas in your mind, the more you believe in them. The more you replay those thoughts in your mind, the more you trust them. The more you act on those trusted thoughts, the more your life ends up looking like them. It's this cycle which ultimately makes whatever you're thinking about true – be it good or bad.And this is where using Positive Thought Healing comes in! As you go through the course, you'll soon understand how your thoughts actually create your life. You'll easily grasp all the basics at the start, then we'll take our time to dive deep into the world of energy and creation, and finally end up going through my step-by-step Positive Thought Healing method.To help you learn all my Positive Thought Healing steps, your enrollment comes with a 100+ page handbook (PDF), plus helpful worksheets (PDF), as well as a practice audio (MP3) for the General Well-being steps to use when you're offline.By the end of our journey together, you'll be able to implement my steps to help you transform negative thoughts into healing ones!For existing students and graduates, you'll see a little bit of 'cross-over' in some parts. But that material complements this course's significant amount of new, detailed and helpful content! In short, the knowledge you pick up from this course will not only be a great addition to your existing healing skills, but an incredible leveling-up for your spirit, too!Please note: Completing this course does *not* qualify the graduate in any particular type of healing modality - it's purely a 'deep dive' into how positive thoughts impact our lives - and how we can use them for our benefit. As such, it's a 'no experience required' course for everyone, but would be considered 'further learning' for those who are Reiki practitioners, energy healers, empaths, therapists, or healthcare workers.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction (Part 1)
Lecture 2 It all starts within (Intro Part 2)
Lecture 3 What you'll learn (Intro Part 3)
Lecture 4 Important course information and contacting Melissa
Lecture 5 Download your course handbook (PDF)
Section 2: Chapter 1. We're energy dynamos
Lecture 6 Intro to being energy dynamos
Lecture 7 Energy is everything and we actually emit light :)
Section 3: Chapter 2. Becoming 'Alpha Communicators'
Lecture 8 Introducing the Alpha Communicator
Lecture 9 Let's talk about the mind...
Lecture 10 The non-local mind
Lecture 11 The material mind and Melissa's viewpoint
Lecture 12 The brain
Lecture 13 - The main tool for our non-local mind
Lecture 14 The physical body
Lecture 15 The energy body
Lecture 16 All-together now Alpha!
Section 4: Chapter 3. Interpreting the external
Lecture 17 The external world touching our internal one
Lecture 18 Open vs closed systems
Lecture 19 Craving to control the uncontrollable
Lecture 20 Experiencing life
Lecture 21 - Surface scratches
Lecture 22 - Deep Cuts
Lecture 23 How did I get all this baggage?
Lecture 24 Conveyor belt of negativity
Lecture 25 The buffer zone, your Aura
Lecture 26 - The Aura chart
Section 5: Chapter 4. What are thoughts?
Lecture 27 Introducing 'thoughts'
Lecture 28 Defining thought
Lecture 29 Where's the brain fit in?
Lecture 30 - Cellular memory
Lecture 31 - Are memory and thought the same?
Lecture 32 Thoughts that heal
Lecture 33 What about intentions?
Lecture 34 - Setting intentions
Section 6: Chapter 5. Positive Thought Healing - In detail
Lecture 35 Intro to the detailed steps
Lecture 36 Intro to Step 1. Self-evaluation (how do I feel?)
Lecture 37 - Self-evaluation questions
Lecture 38 Step 2. Identification (where and why?)
Lecture 39 - Locating the "where" and "why"
Lecture 40 Step 3. Alpha Communication and intro to "Honour the feelings"
Lecture 41 a1) Honour the feelings - physical honour
Lecture 42 a2) Honour the feelings - emotional honour
Lecture 43 b) Release the goodness
Lecture 44 c) Lean into the positive
Lecture 45 d) Bask and relax
Lecture 46 e) Visualise your body healing (intentions)
Lecture 47 f) Express gratitude
Lecture 48 Step 4. Repetition
Lecture 49 How does the "Conveyor belt" of negativity get back-tracked?
Section 7: Chapter 6. Positive Thought Healing – Quick steps and practice sessions
Lecture 50 Intro to the "quick steps" process
Lecture 51 Written Script: General well-being steps
Lecture 52 PRACTICE: Guided meditation for "General well-being steps"
Lecture 53 - Adding specifics | Written Scripts for common issues
Lecture 54 PRACTICE: Guided meditation for "Release Inflammation/Dis-ease"
Lecture 55 PRACTICE: Guided meditation for "Self-worth/Self-love"
Lecture 56 PRACTICE: Guided meditation for "Release Anger/Stress/Anxiety"
Lecture 57 PRACTICE: Guided meditation for "Abundance Prosperity"
Lecture 58 What if I don't have time to do a full session?
Section 8: Chapter 7. Helping others
Lecture 59 Helping others with Positive Thought Healing
Lecture 60 Integration and sessions tips
Lecture 61 Know your boundaries and learn First Aid
Section 9: Chapter 8. Further nurturing methods
Lecture 62 Intro to further healing techniques
Lecture 63 Learning other healing methods
Lecture 64 Using crystals (specific to the mind) - recommended crystals, placement and grid
Lecture 65 A note about "Letting go"
Lecture 66 Using affirmations and avoiding triggers
Section 10: Chapter 9. F.A.Q.
Lecture 67 So how did we get that art print home?
Lecture 68 Frequently Asked Questions
Section 11: Chapter 10. Thank you!
Lecture 69 With gratitude
Lecture 70 Bonus Lecture
Anyone who wants their negative thoughts to be transformed into positive, healing energy!,Reiki Practitioners,Energy Healers,Crystal Healers,Empaths,Healthcare Workers,Counselors and Therapists,Massage Therapists,Other close-contact Therapists


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