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Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Prep

Posted by: mitsumi on 30-09-2022, 13:53
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Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification  Prep

Last updated 3/2022
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Includes videos covering all exam guide topics, downloadable study guide, and THREE full-length practice exams!

What you'll learn
Prepare to pass the Tableau Specialist exam with the two included full-length practice tests!
Create live data connections and data extracts. Combine data sources with joins, blends, and unions.
Visualize with charts, charts, maps, and text tables. Combine views in interactive dashboards and stories.
Organize your data with filters, sorts, hierarchies, groups, and sets.
Understand difference between dimensions and measures, discrete fields and continuous fields, table calculations and aggregate calculations.
Answer knowledge based theoretical questions and hands-on questions on the Tableau Specialist curriculum topics.
You'll need a Windows or Mac computer where you can install a free copy of Tableau Public
This course has just one goal: to prepare you to pass the Tableau Specialist exam. In August 2021 Tableau did a major update to the exam. The exam is now administered by Pearson. The first exam has been updated to correspond to the new format and we are in the process of updating the other two exams.The course includesA downloadable study guide with notes and linksInformation about taking the Specialist exam at home with a remote proctorVideos covering the Specialist topic areas:Connecting to & PreparingExploring & Analyzing DataSharing InsightsUnderstanding Tableau ConceptsThree self-scoring full-length practice exams with solution guideAn instructor ready to answer your questions!Research demonstrates and top students know that the best way to prepare for a test is to take high quality practice tests. Prepare well and pass on the first try. Listen to my students:Joana wrote, "I wanted to thank you and congratulate you on this course. I ultimately purchased it for the exams, which I thought were the perfect way to practice, but the whole course is put together really nicely, the videos are great and they touch on all the important subjects, and the study guide was super useful. I passed the Specialist exam this Monday with 92%. Thanks again!"And Kalyani wrote, "I just Completed your Tableau Desktop Specialist prep course on Udemy, Loved the way you teach and course structure. It helped me get certified."
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Installing Tableau Public
Lecture 3 About the Tableau Specialist Exam
Lecture 4 Tableau Updates the Specialist Exam - August 2021
Section 2: Essential Downloads: Study Guide & Data Used in the Course
Lecture 5 Download the Study Guide & Data
Section 3: Getting Started with Tableau
Lecture 6 Getting Started with Tableau
Section 4: Connecting to & Preparing Data
Lecture 7 1.1.1 Create a live connection to a data source
Lecture 8 1.1.2 Explain the differences between using live connections versus extracts
Lecture 9 1.1.3 Create an Extract
Lecture 10 1.1.4 Save metadata properties in a tds
Lecture 11 1.1.5 Create a data source that uses multiple connections
Lecture 12 1.2.1 Add relationships to a data source
Lecture 13 1.2.2 Add joins
Lecture 14 Add a Blend
Lecture 15 FAQ on Blends vs. Joins
Lecture 16 1.2.2 Add a Union
Lecture 17 1.2.3 Explain when to use a join versus a relationship
Lecture 18 Manage data properties
Lecture 19 Solutions for Hands-on Questions
Lecture 20 Additional Questions for Connecting to & Preparing Data
Section 5: Exploring & Analyzing Data
Lecture 21 Create basic charts: Bar, Stacked Bar, Line & Scatter
Lecture 22 Create Basic Charts - Dual & Combined Axis
Lecture 23 Create Basic Charts - Crosstab & Highlight Table
Lecture 24 Create a map using geographic data
Lecture 25 Groups, Sets, & Hierarchies
Lecture 26 Filters, Context Filters & Date Filters
Lecture 27 Sorting
Lecture 28 Solutions for First Set of Hands-on Questions for Exploring & Analyzing Data
Lecture 29 Reference Lines
Lecture 30 Trend Lines
Lecture 31 Table Calculations
Lecture 32 Bins & Histograms
Lecture 33 Create a calculated field
Lecture 34 Solutions for Second Set of Hands-on Questions for Exploring & Analyzing Data
Lecture 35 Add a parameter
Lecture 36 Additional Questions for Exploring & Analyzing Data
Section 6: Sharing Insights
Lecture 37 Format view for presentation
Lecture 38 Viz Animations
Lecture 39 Create and modify a dashboard - Part 1
Lecture 40 Create and modify a dashboard - Part 2
Lecture 41 Create and modify a dashboard - Part 3
Lecture 42 Additional Questions for Sharing Insights
Section 7: Understanding Tableau Concepts
Lecture 43 Dimensions and measures
Lecture 44 Discrete and continuous fields
Lecture 45 Aggregation
Lecture 46 Additional Questions for Understanding Tableau Concepts
Section 8: Tableau Specialist Practice Exam 1
Lecture 47 Tableau Specialist Practice Exam 1
Section 9: Tableau Specialist Practice Exam 2
Lecture 48 Tableau Specialist Practice Exam 2
Section 10: Tableau Specialist Practice Exam 3
Lecture 49 Tableau Specialist Practice Exam 3
Section 11: Section 9 - Conclusion
Lecture 50 Certificate of Completion
Beginner data analytics students and professionals

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