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Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Guide

Posted by: mitsumi on 30-09-2022, 13:52
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Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification  Guide

Last updated 5/2019
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Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification Exam Subjects Covered in Detail! + Real World Case Study & 2 Practice Tests

What you'll learn
Connecting to Data in Tableau
Preparing Data in Tableau
Joins, Unions & Data Blending
Analyzing Data in Tableau
Basic Visualizations
Customizing Visualizations
Managing Data Properties
Combined vs. Dual Axis Bar Chart
Stacked Bar Chart
Histogram & Bins
Groups vs. Sets
Trend Lines
Tableau Calculations
Sharing Insights
Building Dashboards
Building Stories
Creating Interactive Dashboards
Dimensions vs. Measures
Continuous vs. Discrete
Using Tableau in a Time Effective Manner
Exam Walkthrough
Bonus: How to grow your analytics career advice
Have computer compatible with Tableau
Are you planning on taking the Desktop Specialist Certification Exam soon?In this course we will work through all the concepts covered in the Desktop Specialist Certification Exam plus we will apply these concepts to a case study. By the end of the course you will be taught each concept and also tested as there are quizzes after each section and a practice test modeled after the real exam. Applying the concepts in a case study will really hammer home the concepts. It's much easier to remember something you've done than something you've just passively watched someone else do!Use Tableau to Analyze and Visualize Sales Data To Develop Actionable InsightsVisualizing current and historical sales data can result in huge insights that aren'treadily apparent in the day to day grind. The right visualizations help quickly identify trends andoutliers (positive or negative), which help to adjust course for more profitable sales & marketingas well as a more efficient and informed supply chain.Contents and OverviewThroughout this course we will work through a sample consulting engagement where the client wants us to conduct a data discovery on their sales data. They need help planning for the upcoming year both in their marketing department and also their supply chain. We will use their raw sales data to come up with insights for both teams.This project will focus our approach to Tableau forcing us to learn the basics while solving a real world business problem. My hope is that you'll feel like you're learning a new problem solving tool not just a series of functions in a software interface. The course structure is modeled after the Tableau Certification Exam Guide and broken down into the following sections:IntroductionConnecting To & Preparing DataExploring & Analyzing DataUnderstanding Tableau ConceptsConclusion
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Welcome!
Lecture 2 Introduction to the Exam Guide
Lecture 3 Tableau Desktop vs. Tableau Public
Lecture 4 Tutorial Data Source
Lecture 5 Download Tableau Public
Lecture 6 Update on Udemy Review
Lecture 7 Case Study Data Source
Lecture 8 Setting the Expectation
Lecture 9 Additional Free Tableau Related Content
Section 2: Connecting to & Preparing Data
Lecture 10 Section Introduction
Lecture 11 Connection Screen
Lecture 12 Extract vs. Live Connection (Desktop Only)
Lecture 13 Join, Union & Data Blending
Lecture 14 Manage Data Properties
Lecture 15 Case Study Part 1
Section 3: Exploring & Analyzing Data
Lecture 16 Section Introduction
Lecture 17 Basic Visualizations
Lecture 18 Customizing Visualizations (Featuring a Scatter Plot)
Lecture 19 Combined vs. Dual Axis Chart
Lecture 20 Stacked Bar Chart
Lecture 21 Cross and Highlight Tables
Lecture 22 Groups vs. Sets
Lecture 23 Filters Walkthrough, Context Filters & Data Filters
Lecture 24 Manual and Computed Sorts
Lecture 25 Trend Lines
Lecture 26 Table Calculations
Lecture 27 Histogram and Bins
Lecture 28 Calculated Fields
Lecture 29 Parameters
Lecture 30 Case Study Part 2
Section 4: Sharing Insights
Lecture 31 Section Introduction
Lecture 32 Formatting
Lecture 33 Creating a Dashboard
Lecture 34 Actions
Lecture 35 Creating a Story
Lecture 36 Save a twbx File (Tableau Desktop Only)
Lecture 37 Case Study Part 3
Section 5: Understanding Tableau Concepts
Lecture 38 Section Introduction
Lecture 39 Measure vs. Dimension
Lecture 40 Continuous vs. Discrete
Lecture 41 Aggregation
Lecture 42 Timeliness + Quiz Data Sources
Lecture 43 Timeliness Quiz Answers
Section 6: Conclusion
Lecture 44 Section Introduction + Practice Exam Data Sources
Lecture 45 Tactical Advice for Exam Day
Lecture 46 Bonus Material: How to Land a Tableau Job
Lecture 47 Bonus Material: Interview with a Tableau Expert
Lecture 48 Bonus Material: Interview with the Founders of #SportVizSunday
Those who plan on taking the Desktop Specialist Certification Exam soon

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