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Posted by: Bo0mB0om on 19-11-2019, 00:07
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KpRm 1.18
File Size : 5 Mb

KpRm is a small utility that can come in handy when you want to deep clean your system of other applications who create folders in folders that the average users do not usually look into.

AdliceDiag (Tigzy)
Ads (Gen-Hackman)
AdsFix (Gen-Hackman)
AdwCleaner (Malwarebytes)
AHK_NavScan (Batch_Man)
AlphaDecrypter (Michael Gillespie)
AswMBR (Avast!Software)
AuroraDecrypter (Michael Gillespie)
AutorunsVTChecker (regist)
Offline CryptoMix Ransomware Decryptor (Avast!Software)
Avenger (swandog46)
BitKangarooDecrypter (Michael Gillespie)
BitStakDecrypter (Michael Gillespie)
BlitzBlank (Emsisoft)
BTCWareDecrypter (Michael Gillespie)
Catchme (Gmer)
Check Browsers LNK (Alex Dragokas & regist)
CKScanner (askey127)
Clean_DNS (Gen-Hackman)
ClearLNK (Alex Dragokas)
CMD_Command (Gen-Hackman)
CoinVaultDecryptor (Kaspersky Labs)
Combofix (sUBs)
Crypt38Decrypter (Michael Gillespie)
CryptoSearch (Michael Gillespie)
DDS (sUBs)
CryptON Ransomware Decryptor (Emsisoft)
Defogger (jpshortstuff)
DCryDecrypter (Michael Gillespie)
Eset Online Scanner (Eset)
FilesLockerDecrypter (Michael Gillespie)
FixExec (BleepingComputer)
FixPurge (McVivien2)
FRST (Farbar)
FSS (Farbar)
GetSystemInfo (Kaspersky Labs)
GhostCryptDecrypter (Michael Gillespie)
GIBON Ransomware Decryptor (Michael Gillespie)
GooredFix (jpshortstuff)
GrantPerms (Farbar)
HiddenTear Bruteforcer (Michael Gillespie)
HiddenTear Decrypter (Michael Gillespie)
HostsXpert (funkytoad)
Hosts-perm.bat (BleepingComputer)
InsaneCryptDecrypter (Michael Gillespie)
JavaRa (Fred de Vries et Paul McLain)
Jigsaw Decrypter (Michael Gillespie)
Junkware Removal Tool (Malwarebytes corporation)
ListCWall (BleepingComputer)
ListParts (Farbar)
LogOnFix (Xplode)
MBAR (Malwarebytes corporation)
MBRCheck (a_d_13)
mbr.exe (Gmer)
MicroCop Decryptor (Michael Gillespie)
Miniregtool (Farbar)
Minitoolbox (Farbar)
MKV (El Desaparecido & C_XX)
Mole02Decryptor (M AV)
OneClick2RP (Laddy)
OTA (Old_Timer)
OTC (Old_Timer)
OTH (Old_Timer)
OTL (Old_Timer)
OTM (Old_Timer)
OTS (Old_Timer)
Pre_Scan (Gen-Hackman)
PowerLockyDecrypter (Michael Gillespie)
ProcessClose (Gen-Hackman)
QuickDiag (Gen-Hackman)
RakhniDecryptor (Kaspersky Lab)
Rannoh Decryptor (Kaspersky Lab)
RansomNoteCleaner (Michael Gillespie)
RegtoolExport (Xplode)
Remediate VBS Worm (bartblaze)
Report_Antivir (Laddy)
Report_CHKDSK (Laddy)
Rkill (Grinler)
RogueKiller (Tigzy)
RstAssociations (Xplode) (scr) (exe)
RstHosts (Xplode)
ScanRapide (Lydem)
ShadeDecryptor (Kaspersky Labs)
Shortcut Cleaner (BleepingComputer)
Seaf (C_XX)
SecurityCheck (screen317)
StrikedDecrypter (Michael Gillespie)
StupidDecryptor (Michael Gillespie)
Symantec Kovter Removal Tool (Symantec)
SystemLook (jpshortstuff)
SFTGC (Pierre13)
TDSSkiller (Kaspersky Labs)
TFC (Old_Timer)
ToolsDiag (Amesam)
UAC-LEVEL (Amesam)
UAC Manager (Xplode)
UnHide (BleepingComputer)
Unlock92Decrypter (Michael Gillespie)
Usb File Resc (Streuner Corporation)
UsbFix (El desaparecido & C_XX)
UnZacMe (Gen-Hackman)
Webroot DE-BUG (Webroot)
WildfireDecryptor (Kaspersky Labs)
WinChk (Xplode)
WinsockAnalyzer (Xplode)
WinUpdatefix (Xplode)
XoristDecryptor (Kaspersky Labs)
ZHPCleaner (Nicolas Coolman)
ZHPDiag (Nicolas Coolman)
ZHPLite (Nicolas Coolman)
ZHPFix (Nicolas Coolman)
Zoek (Smeenk)
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Download KpRm 1.18 with high speed

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