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The Lycan's Curse - Rosa Mink

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The Lycan's Curse - Rosa Mink

The Lycan's Curse - Rosa Mink
epub | 211.69 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09JNDZ6MK | Author: Rosa Mink | Year: 2021


Larissa's entire life has been nothing but pain. From her mother leaving her when she was a baby, to her father dying when she was three, to the multiple packs that hated her for nothing she did. The worst though has been the last ten months. Learning that the alpha's son was supposed to be her mate disgusted her, likely more than it did him. She, however, didn't attempt to harm him, she just wanted away before the mating urge hit. When her birthday appears, she's relieved to not feel that desperate urge, but she's not about to stay. She's heading to find somewhere safe to live, where she won't be attacked daily for no reason.

For nearly a hundred years, Cassius has walked the earth feeling nothing more than things that are meant to hurt – anger, irritation, frustration. All because his father humiliated a witch, long before he was born. Unable to fuel his Lycan, the beast slumbers, until a scent stirs him awake for a moment. Learning more of the girl the scent belongs to, has him eager to find her, to keep protect her from any future pain.

When Cassius finally finds Larissa, he's nearly too late. It only makes him more determined to make her his mate, to keep her safe in the future. He'll have Larissa by his side when he's crowned king not only to hide the curse, but also to irritate his father who by law must step down. Nothing will break his curse but with Larissa near, her scent fuels his Lycan to stay awake, giving him the closest thing, he's ever felt to happiness. In return, he'll do anything to keep Larissa happy and safe. Even fooling the world into believing he loves her enough to not risk having an heir and chance losing her.

With strong language, no cheating, and a HEA, this short story of approximately 44,200 words is intended for an adult audience and may include subjects that are sensitive to some readers.

TW: discussions of abuse and assault throughout the story.

Category:Fantasy & Futuristic Romance, Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance

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